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The Loch Ness Monster

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    On the subject of Nessie, my uncle used to work as a water bailiff on Loch Ness in the 1970's.

    When I was a kid he used to regale me and my cousins with tales of strange wakes in the water, weird noises at night and large holes in fishermen's nets.

    We were all fascinated.

    A couple of years ago at my cousin's wedding I asked him about this again, and he happily trotted out some of the old stories.

    It was days later that my partner admitted that my uncle had been grinning and winking at him over my shoulder whilst he was telling his tales!!!!

    I was so disappointed!


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      My husband and I were fishing off Bloody Point in the Chesapeake Bay in the mid 1980s…..trolling for bluefish. The fishe we were catching were behaving in an odd way….after landing, they just laid there like they were frozen….as we trolled, one of our rods went straight down and snapped. The water there is over 150 ft. Deep, so we did not snag on the bottom. As we looked off to the side of the boat, the water got funny looking, like something big was coming up. First we saw a longish neck, going from side to side, and what i guess could be called a football shaped head. Neck was maybe 6 -8 ft. Long, then a body which was thicker in the middle, tapering toward the end. Also saw the suggestion of a triagular shaped fin attached to the body. The creature was visible only for a minute or two. There were peopke in a bay deadrise boat on a parallel couse to us, maybe 50-75 yards off our port side, and they were watching it too. We could not believe what we were seeing…..we just knew it was completely strange…and wonderful.