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Bridgend suicides

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    I do wonder whether any of these suicide victims had been in a 'care' situation within their community?
    For we have a situation in my own tight-knit small island community where it appears of the last 11 suicides in that community, all of them had been placed into 'care' in the same 'care' home when they were a few years younger.


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      Originally posted by anna View Post
      Hi Lord Lucan, that's a very sad list you have there. Perhaps if people actually and genuinely cared about each other in their local community it would help.We had a programme on recently where a chap had lived in his house for over fifty years and knew nobody on his street.Which is sad, and darn right disgraceful,especially for the elderly.You can't just go and knock on a door to offer to get shopping etc nowadays, because they think you want to steal something from them.Community spirit no longer exists,sadly.
      I might add that this was all in a town with a population of under 700. You can imagine the effects on a small town community when something seemingly epidemic like this happens.


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        Hi Lord Lucan, I can appreciate the sitution.My own dear cousin hung himself,and we still to this day don't know why.What was wrong,was the fact that we had to battle with the local papers to keep our privacy,and the amount of curtain rustling that went on in the road where he lived on the day of his funeral.


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          The Coroner in charge of the Bridgend suicides has......blamed the t'internet!!

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          Regards Mike


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            [QUOTE=Mike Covell;1664]I totally agree, I don't buy any newspapers because of the sensationalism and spin that is put on everything.


            But you will read their articles online?