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DB Cooper IDed?

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    The thing that interests me with this case is that everything was so very well thought out.. to a point.
    He had clearly spent a long time planning this, investigating all sorts of things about how the plane worked etc.

    He clearly always intended to leave the plane via parachute. But must have realized that his chances of surviving such a drop, into the terrain in question, was going to be, to say the least, tenuous.

    And surely he realised that the bills would be easy to trace, making them unspendable. Or did he have a plan to fence them on to someone very quickly?

    It seems odd that he planned so much, so well, then rather messed up with the end game.


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      Well planned right up until he jumped out, massively overloaded, into torrential rain, over a wilderness, wearing a cheap suit.

      Devil's in the details.
      Thems the Vagaries.....


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        There was a recent TV program on the case that ran through several suspects, and the one that seems the least implausible was Richard McCoy. McCoy pulled off the exact same crime, only months after the Cooper case, down to highjacking a plane with a fake bomb and parachuting out. With all that in mind, it's also hard to ignore his resemblance to the sketches of Cooper.

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          Suspect dies