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Do you think William Herbert Wallace was guilty?

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  • Originally posted by RodCrosby View Post
    Not me.

    Someone else must have got tired of you...
    Was it the mysterious Qualtrough?

    You are fighting a losing battle.

    I'm still waiting to hear about your book, or is it a chapter in someone else's book? Is it the accepted conclusion beyond reasonable doubt or did the author confide in me he believes it to a certainty of <50 percent?

    Will you answer these questions or evade with unrelated quotes like a politician cornered on TV?


    • ‘Lucky’ Parry!

      How lucky did the ‘brilliant’ Parry need to be for his sneak-thief plan to succeed? Of course you’d think that even the most amateur of schemers would try to eliminate the need for luck as far as possible as a plan reliant on swathes of good fortune hardly even deserves to be called a plan.

      So what luck did this Napoleon Of Crime require?

      He finds an accomplice gullible enough to take all the risks whilst Parry remains safely far away.

      Then he’s ‘lucky’ enough to have problems getting through to the club. Unknown to him this allows the call to be recorded which points the finger at Wallace due to the location of the box.

      Then fortunately he avoids the half a dozen or so very obvious (to anyone) ways that the plan could have fallen at the first hurdle (such as someone at the chess club telling him that there was no such place as Menlove Gardens East.

      Then, and this is a cracker, Wallace tells Julia about Qualtrough and Menlove Gardens East which gives Julia reason to admit Qualtrough. Julia had no interest in William’s business dealings and so there’s absolutely no way that Parry could hope that Wallace would give her enough information. Wallace could easily have just said “by the way I have to go out on business this evening.” A major piece of luck.

      Then he’s lucky enough that the shy, retiring, almost Victorian Julia had no issue being seen allowing a strange man into her house at night whilst her husband was out.

      Then he’s very fortunate that Wallace showed almost Indiana Jones-like persistence in his quest for Menlove Gardens East. Three people including a PO told him that it didn’t exist but on he went. Conveniently.

      Then he’s very lucky indeed that, in a narrow terraced road where neighbours can hear through walls, no one saw Qualtrough arrive or leave. No one heard him knock the door. No one heard him explaining the situation to Julia on the doorstep. Nothing.

      How lucky that our killer didn’t get any blood anywhere outside of the Parlour despite not cleaning up.

      How lucky was Parry that Wallace, for some unknown reason, only became convinced of Parry’s guilt after he was released on appeal.

      Isn’t it strange that this whole plan appears to be reliant on a kind of chirpy, Scouser optimism and yet its claimed that it’s a brilliant plan? The phrase ‘Swiss cheese’ comes to mind. There’s only one way that all of the above slices of luck wouldn’t have been needed and that’s if the murder was planned and executed by William.


      "There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!"


      • Originally posted by AmericanSherlock View Post
        Rod has reported my post and got me a serious warning!

        Actually Rod wasn't the one who reported your post. You're lucky the moderator only decided to give you a warning, because I'd have gone ahead and given you the straight points because you engaged in a direct deliberate attack. True, I'd have given a lot of people points, but I'm meaner than the moderator. But Rod, wasn't actually the person who reported your post. So when you claim that "no one likes him here" apparently, you haven't won friends either because other people reported your post. Rod wasn't one of them.

        Everyone here is aware of who is ultimately engaging in trolling and should be banned (if anyone should) to ensure respectful conversation and open and fair dialogue.

        I always find it interesting when people who are engaging in personal attacks of other people blame others for their own behavior. You are responsible for how you behave. What anyone else does, is irrelevant. So far, no one has reported Rod's Trolling behavior. Someone did report yours.

        If I will be banned permanently for airing my view on this, then so be it. I can see in the rules one is not supposed to disagree
        As you request, so shall it be.

        You had a choice to do this respectfully, or not. Bye.
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