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Ripper Horror RPG campaign for free

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  • Ripper Horror RPG campaign for free

    I am offering a totally free horror RPG campaign centered on the Ripper. It is written specifically for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, but might be adaptable to another system.

    Although it also has a paranormal focus, I have done my research, and believe that I am some 90% accurate in both in setting and at least one interpretation of the evidence.

    In addition to three chapters of setting and background there are some six scenarios, four of which specifically deal with the murders.

    Scenario 2 covers Polly Nichol (with reference to Martha Tabram, Emma Smith and Annie Milwood)

    3 covers Annie Chapman

    5 covers Liz Stride and Catherine Eddows

    6 covers Mary Kelly

    This is all my own work and offered totally free of charge. I just ask that neither my work or ideas are copied for gain.

    If you are interested just message me here or my email

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    What an excellent offer!!!

    Unfortunately, I don't have my friends around to play RPG anymore.

    The Lovecraft setting is very appropriate.
    Is it progress when a cannibal uses a fork?
    - Stanislaw Jerzy Lee


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      Sir John Falstaff, many thanks for your kind comments..

      This is 75% Jack and 25% Howard - and I think it works.

      Even without a group, I can offer it to you for your perusal. Just email me as noted in my original post.