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The Casebook of Adam Cole, Private Enquiry Agent

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  • The Casebook of Adam Cole, Private Enquiry Agent


    My name is R.R.Scott, and I post on these forums as Single-O-Seven. The Casebook has been an important influence on me over many years as both a professional investigator and as an author. With regard to the latter, I recently began a Substack page called "The Case-book of Adam Cole" where I publish my writing. The theme of the site are the on-going cases of Adam Cole, a private investigator in 1880's London. The stories are not cozy or Sherlock-esque, but what I term "Victorian Noir," offering a blend of the Victorian Era with the grit and hard realism of the sort of detective fiction that came decades later.

    My Substack contains a mix of short stories and the serialization of my first Cole novel "Sweet Things Dying," with chapters dropping weekly in a pseudo-Victorian publishing style. Multiple times each month, I also drop articles on various aspects of Victoriana, and historical glimpses of "Cole's London," where I compare actual places and things in the setting of the book/stories to how they are now:

    Follow private enquiry agent Adam Cole as he investigates murder, madness and mayhem in Victorian London... Click to read The Case-Book of Adam Cole, by R.R. Scott, a Substack publication. Launched 9 months ago.

    It is a subscription based site, with many things being posted for free. If you enjoy Victorian England and the sort of grim mysteries that came out of that era, please consider reading my work and subscribing. Your time and attention is appreciated - thank you!!!

    - R.R. Scott

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    With Halloween around the corner, I thought I'd share some links from my Substack page with direct seasonal appeal.

    First up, here's an article I've just published on the popularity of spiritualism in the Victorian Era:

    Secondly, on the fiction front, here is a link to a (long) short story, The Spirit Room, currently being published through my Substack. It's a mystery story with elements of the supernatural, but ghosts don't really exist, do they? Follow the link below to access The Spirit Room:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my work!

    All the best - and Happy Halloween!