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    Originally posted by Bridewell View Post
    Any thoughts on why he or she would do that?
    Our killer didn't have super human powers or a look out so I think it was quite possible someone might have disturbed him.There is a very good chance that the person who disturbed him was themselves up to no good with a "lady of the night".If the couple seen by mitre sqaure were not eddowes and her killer could they have disturbed our killer.
    Three things in life that don't stay hidden for to long ones the sun ones the moon and the other is the truth


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      Here is a message from Joe Chetcuti:

      Congratulations to Frogg Moody and all the people at The Whitechapel Society Journal for putting out a fine publication this month. Chris Jones, Robert Smith, Damian Michael Barcroft, Mickey Mayhew, George Sotiriou, Phil Parry, and Robin Odell contributed plenty of good work to this current issue.

      The "Sixteen Different Answers" article became a solemn one for me because Don Souden was sadly hospitalized shortly after he submitted his answer to the survey question. Don has been a good friend to many Ripperologists over the years. We're all hoping he has a successful recovery.

      As mentioned in Post One on this thread, we will now have the drawing to see who wins an e-book copy of Spiro's novel. The names of the original 16 people who submitted an answer to the survey question have been placed in a hat. We'll now add the names of the people who have posted on this thread, and my 83 year old Mom will draw the winner. But first, let me shake up the hat really good!! (Mom is hoping that Scott Nelson's name gets drawn because Scott and his wife treated her with an ice cream dessert a few weeks ago, heh heh.)

      Ok here we go. She is digging deep into the hat. A name has been officially pulled out. It happens to be a name from this Casebook thread. The winner is The Good Michael. Congratulations Mike. We'll have an e-book copy of Jack the Ripper and Black Magic sent to you, compliments of Spiro Dimolianis. Robert Linford will PM you really soon.

      Thanks goes out again to the Whitechapel Society. I hope everyone keeps supporting all the Ripper journals out there.