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    sorry to hear that you are not very well. I hope this is only a passing illness and you will be well again soon.
    “be just and fear not”


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      To all:

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes concerning my health and the kind words about New Independent Review. More than you might imagine, I am full of hope that I may soon again be back editing and writing. Do remember, though, that a magazine is a collaborative effort and any success NIR achieved was thanks to its dedicated staff and the many wonderful contributors.

      Thanks again.

      "To expose [the Senator] is rather like performing acts of charity among the deserving poor; it needs to be done and it makes one feel good, but it does nothing to end the problem."


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        Originally posted by Supe View Post
        It is with a double dose of sadness that I must stop production of the New Independent Review for health reasons. It was something I enjoyed, both editing and often writing reams of copy for an issue, but I must face the fact that it is no longer possible, at least for now. I am not very sanguine about resuming publication at a later date, but as the glib phrase implores, "never say never."

        I thank all my the contributors and the many others who encouraged the new venture, especially assistant editor Velma Southerland who was a tower of strength throughout. We had some darn good articles and features and were definitely headed in the right direction.

        Anyway, I better not write more at the moment about NIR, lest I get choked up. But again, thanks to all who were a part of the magazine.

        Don Souden.
        Thank you, Don. You are far too kind for my little contribution. It was a pleasure for me.

        All the best, always.