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NEW BOOK on the murder of Carrie Brown.

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  • NEW BOOK on the murder of Carrie Brown.

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    From Howard and Nina Brown:

    Nina and I are pleased to announce the publication of our book, 'East Side Story", the chronological
    history of the murder of Carrie Brown which contains previously unknown facts and official files. Included
    in East Side Story are over 100 photos and sketches. Most intriguing among the previously unseen files is
    an affidavit filed by George Damon regarding his 'Danish Farmhand' which dismisses the very man he
    claimed may have been the murderer.
    Weighing in at 327 pages and spread over 40 chapters, East Side Story also looks at the abysmal treatment
    the female witnesses endured in court and in the press; behind the scenes efforts of French New Yorkers
    in securing a pardon for Ali; a list of sordid tales and other deaths occurring in the East River Hotel; letters
    from Ameer Ben Ali to four different Governors; and the chain of events stemming from a letter written by a
    convicted murderer to New York Governor Benjamin Odell in 1901 which may have led to the release
    of a man who may have been guilty all along.
    Our aim in writing East Side Story was not to provide a final solution to the question of who murdered
    Carrie Brown but rather to put things in their proper perspective. The list of questions in the case has actually
    increased, some of them appearing for the first time anywhere due to the newly available files presented in the book.

    East Side Story contains chapters on subjects such as:
    Correspondence from Inspector 'Clubber' Williams to Governor Benjamin Odell, in
    which the former policeman claimed to have information that would lead to Ali's release from prison.
    A chronology of events from 1891 to 1902, up to the day Ali left the United
    States for France, exactly 11 years to the day that Carrie Brown was discovered murdered in
    Room 31 of the East River Hotel.
    The chain of events which began with a convicted murderer's letter to Governor Odell which
    would lead to the discovery that all was not what it seemed regarding the 'Danish Farmhand',
    plus a comprehensive media guide including magazine articles, book references,
    audio/visual programs, and other available sources on the internet and elsewhere.

    Price: $20.99​

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    I was lucky enough to be sent a proof copy of this by Howard and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s the result of years of dedicated research and analysis of the case and contains much that was previously unknown or undiscovered. If you want a book on the murder of Carrie Brown this is the one. It’s a fascinating case and Howard and Nina have dedicated themselves to unearthing every detail available and have produced an enjoyable and exhaustive book.


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      You had me at "Nina and I are pleased to announce..."

      This sounds epic and I can't wait to read this!

      "Great minds, don't think alike"


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        Howard has asked me to add this as Barnes and Noble won’t ship to Europe:

        To Order From Outside The United States:

        For interested parties outside the United States, in order to receive the book you should use the following link: Barnes and Noble does not ship direct internationally.
        It DOES ship through a third-party, MyUS.Com

        Shop Barnes & Nobles US sales tax-free with a free MyUS shipping address. Save up to 80% off shipping. Free 30-day trial.

        You can sign up for a free 30-day trial with this outfit.

        We had no idea that B&N didn't ship overseas. However, the prices at MyUS.Com aren't too bad.
        At the top of the page in the on shipping rates.
        Our book weighs 1.2 lbs​


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          I would like to add that I’ve followed Howard’s and Nina’s work on the case for several years now. It’s been very interesting and this book is a compilation of the most important and relevant points regarding Carrie Brown’s murder.
          In their commitment to the case, they’ve gone through all the sources and located many new ones.
          The book casts doubt on the actions of Damon, who came forward ten years after the murder, and helped get the convicted Ali released.
          To me, one of the most interesting aspects of the case is the difficulty in determining which of the two main suspects is the killer - there is excellent evidence for both of them, yet only one was the killer.
          Ali had Brown’s blood on his hands, but denied ever being near her. The farmhand returned home late the night of the murder, with a bloody shirt and the key to the hotel room where the murder occurred.
          If Ali did not kill Brown, how did he get her blood on him? If the farmhand did not kill Brown, why did he have the key?

          Howard’s and Nina’s book presents these conundrums and more. I don’t agree with all of their theories but the book doesn’t pretend to have all the final answers.
          As a comprehensive guide to the murder, the trial and the ensuing ten year effort to secure Ali a pardon, the book is a great effort.