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A question about academic/scientific articles

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  • A question about academic/scientific articles

    I have a question for the admins and the folks of the forums. While I have read a number of true crime books I don't necessarily feel that this is my area of expertise in recommending one book or another. I am wondering if it is permissible to post the link to an "open access" academic and or scientific publication in the area of forensic science. Now, I am not referring to any articles are particularly lurid or titillating, rather I am referring to articles that are interesting and illustrative of a particular area of interest to readers here. Some will be more technical than others, but I will select those that are interesting and accessible to those willing to put in some effort at understanding some of the more technical concepts.

    Please let me know if this is doable or interesting or appropriate.


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    The best forum to post that might be in "Other Mysteries" unless it specifically relates to some aspect of the case in some way.


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      Thank you very much!