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Patricia Cornwell - Walter Sickert - BOOK 2

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  • Originally posted by FISHY1118 View Post

    Good too see your true to form in not coming up with the evidence you yourself claimed to exist,if you cant post it dont say it . As the saying goes ''put or xxxx, up .

    It is not a matter of my claiming anything.

    If an author who claimed to have seen the evidence had been wrong, someone would have revealed the mistake or deception long ago.

    What you are saying looks like a variation on the popular allegation on this forum that I am misrepresenting my opinion as fact or that I am presenting assumptions as facts.

    As I have stated repeatedly, I am not a researcher, nor have I claimed to be one, and it is not reasonable to expect me to view all original documents before being entitled to refer to them or quote from them.

    I am bound to ask whether you apply to everyone else the same high standard you are applying to me.
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