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Sherlock Holmes- 1888 Autumn of Blood - Mike Hogan

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  • Sherlock Holmes- 1888 Autumn of Blood - Mike Hogan

    Can I introduce my novel, due for publication this autumn? I've been writing Sherlock Holmes pastiches for several years, and working my way through 1887 to the following year I had to confront the dilemma of Jack the Ripper. Why wasn't Holmes involved in the hunt? Or was he? Tired old questions of course. In my book, Holmes' talents are spurned by the police investigating the Ripper, but are appreciated by the detectives chasing the Thames Torso Murderer.
    In this volume - first in a trilogy - Holmes catches neither villain, but weaves his web around a copycat killer using the modus operandi of one of the more infamous murders to suit his nefarious purposes.
    The novel is set between the dates of the first (arguably first) murder by Jack and the last (?), and illustrated with images and quotes from the contemporary press.
    I aim to be as true as possible to the Jack the Ripper story as it unfolded (and was misunderstood and misrepresented in the press) at the time. And I try to give an impression of what people in London and elsewhere made of the terrible events as they were reported, and how the police, the press and the East and West End reacted to what they knew of the murders and the swirling rumours and alternate facts.
    I would be happy to send an advanced Kindle, ebook or PDF copy to anyone interested.
    Many thanks, Mike.
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    Best of luck