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    For balance some interesting comparisons from HoL - Jack The Ripper BBC Hoax.

    Edward Stow (Jack The Ripper BBC Hoax Exposed) – You should always expect a documentary to take short cuts and not tell the whole story from every angle because there simply isn’t time and putting up multiple options would confuse the viewer and at the end of the day it’s entertainment and this must be taken as read but I’ll point out errors, inaccuracies, flaws and inconsistencies with their conclusions as we go through it.

    Oh the irony, so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Hence, I just wanted to add my step by step 'analysis' of the Missing Evidence episode here (opening post.)

    ​Edward Stow (Jack the Ripper BBC Hoax) – I’m making these comparisons between the case reopened and the missing evidence because some people who inevitably favour Kosminski is the Ripper are obsessed with attacking the Missing Evidence for supposed inaccuracies and yet these same voices who portray themselves as neutral seekers for accuracy have been silent witness with regard to the manifest flaws in Case Reopened. [snip] In case you have not seen the Missing Evidence I’ll provide a link in the description below. [snip] It’s such a well made and compelling film.

    More irony. I do not like you attacking the Missing Evidence but here I am attacking the BBC show. How hypocritical. ‘Well-made and compelling’ – well I think I’ve shown enough here to discredit that point of view. How can Edward believe the Missing Evidence is 'well-made' with all the inaccuracies mentioned above?

    Edward Stow (Jack The Ripper BBC Hoax) – Kosminski was 22 to 23 years old in his early 20s. This is blatant dishonesty on the part of the filmmakers.

    Again another good dollop of irony here from Edward. Surely Blink films never put in their video any ‘blatant dishonesty.’

    Edward Stow (Jack The Ripper BBC Hoax) – There are so many serious flaws in this documentary that it has taken some time to thoroughly deconstruct it and expose the BBCs hoax. [snip] This documentary illustrates how information has to be drastically manipulated to make Kosminski a viable suspect.

    So exactly the same way the Missing Evidence does to make Lechmere a viable suspect, okay then thanks.