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  • One on One with Simon Wood discussion thread

    Thread for discussion of Rippercast

    One on One with Simon Wood

    Available now for free streaming or downloading in the Ripper Podcast section here-

    and also look in the iTunes Music Store to download and subscribe to the podcast for FREE

    Thank you to Simon Wood.

    And thanks for listening!

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    If you are not already a Simon Wood fan you should be after listening to this most entertaining interview.

    Treat me gently I'm a newbie.


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      I have just finished listening to the podcast, and I personally do not share Stewarts opinion.
      I had the impression that Jonathan was finding it hard to conjure up any prolonged intresting conversation, and Simon almost from the word 'Go' came across as one of the most eccentric, and indecisive ripperologists that I have ever heard.
      A cover up?.. but not sure what.
      Complete disagreement with victims/killer,
      Kellys murder in dingy Millers court being of a very high order, yet again not sure what.
      Infact the whole hour was full of so much 'I dont knows' , It left me rather puzzled.
      Having said my bit, I should add that Simon has a vast knowledge of the subject, and I can understand that he is attempting to start from scratch, which indeed may lead us somewhere, but I Just felt that it should have been a broadcast which included others, that could have had added more views.
      Regards Richard.


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        I have to say that although there were numerous points Simon made that I would strongly disagree with, he also made several points that I thought were very interesting and insightful.

        It sounds like he has an interesting lead or two (especially in his references to contacts in the intelligence community)... and I applaud his declaration to being open to new discoveries, keeping an open mind, and seeing where the research leads.

        Also, the podcast was entertaining to listen to, and Simon sounded like a very nice guy.

        Rob H


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          Hello all,

          Not that my opinion matters one iota perhaps, but I certainly echo Rob House when he says,
          ......I applaud his declaration to being open to new discoveries, keeping an open mind, and seeing where the research leads.
          I believe this is a good philosphy. More power to those who look in new directions.
          Simon Wood, in attempting to branch wider in this field is brave, and should indeed be applauded I say.

          Well said Rob, and good luck Simon!

          best wishes

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          Accountability? ....


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            I obviously need to get a new computer and a high speed internet connection so I can catch up with these podcasts. Back in the day it seemed like most of the speakers were newbies and I didn't feel I was missing out on much, but if peeps like Simon Wood are on there, then I know I am missing out.

            Yours truly,

            Tom Wescott


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              Enjoyed Simon Wood

              After having to be away from the site for several months I was very pleased to catch up on the latest podcast with Simon Wood. I think his approach is great. He's really NOT on his own because there have to be quite a few ripperologists who see the wisdom of keeping one's mind completely open about this haunting and very old series of events. Because what happened is lost in time we have to admit that our knowledge is akin to swiss cheese. There is more missing than we think - hence the open mind.
              Hey Jon, we need more podcasts!


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                For me it was an excellent podcast.
                If you keep an open mind and follow what evidence we have you have much more chance of obtaining what may come desperately close to a result.
                What upset you so Richard.Have we not had countless documentaries mocking any kind of conspiratorial outcome as well as many films promoting them.You have to take the rough with the smooth i think.
                I for one will be front of the queue for the new book
                You can lead a horse to water.....


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                  Who is Simon Wood?

                  Yours truly,

                  Tom Wescott


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                    I take it you won't be writing the forward to the book then Tom
                    You can lead a horse to water.....