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Episode #48- 2009 Year in Review show discussion thread

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  • Episode #48- 2009 Year in Review show discussion thread

    The Rippercast 2009 Year in Review show is online now.

    Available for FREE at the Ripper Podcast link to your left, as well as in the iTunes Music Store.

    Featuring the voices of Mike Covell, Robert McLaughlin and John Bennett.

    Thanks for listening!


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    Tim Riordan's Prince Of Quacks

    On another site it is written:

    Thank you Tim !....and in regard to the comment offered by the individual on the recent podcast who mentioned your book and what he percieved as an absence of discussion in regard to your conclusions based on your research and subsequent threads related to that investigation...I'd love to see discussion in the extreme over your work materialize here.

    I find it a little disheartening when people who have your work...and expect others to initiate conversation on said work...don't do as much themselves. Thats where I hope JTRForums will take the lead and thoroughly examine the "Prince Of Quacks".

    Let it be known that as the host of the podcast, I have always, and will always, refrain as best as I can from discussions critical of almost anyone who is respectable in the field of Ripper studies. From day one of the show, as Howard Brown knows, I have attempted to remain neutral and have not once considered starting a thread based on my own opinions, positive or negative, on a Jack the Ripper author.

    If anyone should feel disheartened, it should not be me, but the web master, Howard Brown, or whatever you are, for overlooking the arguments and materials in Tim Riordan's book for months. Don't blame me for not starting up threads to discuss such matters. Read your own ******* books, start your own threads, and let the podcast be.



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      Little overly testy over there,ain't we ?

      I just recieved the book 4 days ago...some have had it for a I couldn't have started a thread on the book before then.

      Anyone can start a thread for discussion on Tim's book without it being pro or contra Tumblety. I didn't specify which side of the argument.

      Have a good day JMenges.


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        I'm pleased and a bit surprised announce that yesterday, Rippercast, for the first time in its history, broke into the Top 25 most popular History podcasts downloaded via iTunes in the UK. We were ranked #22. Now we're at #28.

        Maybe these year in review shows are not so bad afterall?

        Thanks everyone for listening, and especially those who subscribe via iTunes!



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          I have really enjoyed Rippercast! Thanks to all of the contributors!!
          In order to know virtue, we must first aquaint ourselves with vice!


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            Very good episode thanks for uploading


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              Anyone know wha the next topic of discussion will be?

              I had some ideas:

              Discussion about:

              Fred Abberline
              suspects James Kelly or James Maybrick(and the Diary)
              From Hell letter and kidney
              One-on-One with Donald Rumbelow (if he could be available to do it)
              Leather Apron AKA John Pizer
              I won't make any deals. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed,de-briefed, or numbered!


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                A one-on-one with Rumbleow would be fantastic!


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                  I don't know if they'd be up for it but I thought covering the Jeremy Beadle award winners would be interesting.