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One on One with Stewart P. Evans

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  • One on One with Stewart P. Evans

    This is a thread for discussion of...

    Rippercast - One on One with Stewart P. Evans

    Now online!

    I thank Stewart Evans for coming on the show and also all of the individuals who submitted questions for the author.

    Stream the interview, download it, or subscribe to this podcast via iTunes at the following link:

    Thanks for listening!

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    Great episode. It is truly a pleasure to listen to Stewart talk about the case. Loved it.

    Rob H


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      Indeed, Rob - one of the best. Thanks to Stewart and Jon, both, for an hour (or so) well spent.
      Kind regards, Sam Flynn

      "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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        Excellent podcast, absorbing, careful on his opinions on GWTH, a pity Sam , we could do with some more troops.
        Regards Richard.


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          A great pleasure to hear Mr. Evans be interviewed-thanks for getting it up & online so quickly and for your usual great job, Jonathan. I too hope SPE can take part in future roundtable-Rippercasts(though I can understand the troubles with no headphones, mic, Skype etc).

          [As an aside: hearing SPE mention Johnny Depp's earnest(and pre-"From Hell") interest in JtR made me wish Jon could snag him for a podcast. I've read in several places that he's into the history of Whitechapel and things LVP and he's an avid reader so who knows, he probably has his own theories...wouldn't that be fun? Actually I wouldn't be surprised if he subscribes to the Rippercast.]


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            My first podcast, and I must say a great show. Really nice to hear the voices of some folks Ive had the pleasure to have discussed some issues with here.....makes me think that to discuss these in person at some point over a pint or 2 would be delightful.

            Thanks Stewart and a great interview Jonathan.

            My best regards


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              Good job, Jonathan!

              Stewart, your enthusiasm is a real boost. I sense you have the same drive as from the start. It's refreshing.

              Sink the Bismark


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                Yes, indeed, Stewart and JM, a most enjoyable and illuminating podcast.
                And nice to hear Stewart taking the plunge.


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                  Im just about to settle down with a quart of black cherry to listen to this podcast.

                  AP, I must say, I did enjoy your appreances.



                  Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



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                    Thank You

                    I enjoyed this show very much and found it to be one of the best & most informative of all the Rippercasts.

                    Many thanks to Jon and Stewart for their efforts, and thanks too for asking and answering my numerous questions.

                    I certainly hope there will be more Rippercasts with Stewart in the future!

                    Best regards, Archaic


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                      Just listened to the podcast in my insomniac state and that Evans cat is cool. I remember watching the extras on the From Hell DVD a couple of years ago and his and Rumbelow's commentary/interview thing was what got me really intrigued by the Ripper case.


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                        anyone know when the next podcast will be out?

                        i am all caught up and can't wait for 49!


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                          Great podcast JM , Stewart P Evans was very interesting and a great guest.
                          Just finished " The Man who hunted Jack The ripper" - -what a good read.
                          Thanks again Jonathon


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                            One on one with who?

                            Yours truly,

                            Tom Wescott


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                              Well, with Jonathan, of course. Anyway, we're all sure you meant to say with whom.