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Ep. #42- The Ripper in Ramsgate with Chris Scott

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  • Ep. #42- The Ripper in Ramsgate with Chris Scott

    Thread for discussion of Rippercast

    Episode #42

    The Ripper in Ramsgate with Chris Scott

    Featuring the voices of Chris Scott, Gareth Williams, Howard Brown, Mike Covell and Ben Holme.

    Included in this episode, besides a thorough discussion on Chris Scott's book, is a side discussion about Joseph Fleming, as well as Chris Scott giving valuable advice to researchers and writers.

    Its a must hear episode.

    Thanks to all who listen and participate!

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    A great show, Chris was just reeling off information with such a passion that it was very motivating to hear him talk about Ramsgate, and the work he puts in!

    One thing that was mentioned that rung a bell was the gathering of labour outside the dock gates, waiting to be picked for a days labour. Chris mentioned that this doesn't happen anymore, but we have a similar scheme here in Hull. There are offices where young men turn up with hard hats and rigger boots, and await vans to collect them for a days work, they get cash in hand, but it goes through an agencies books, so the taxman gets a cut.

    The scheme is very popular, but there are always people still sat around waiting for companies to collect them hours after many have already gone. It must be very upsetting.

    Another point raised, and one I would love to get some feedback on, is how would you approach a homeowner, whose proerty has links to the case? As Chris mentioned, one mention of the word "Ripper" and they don't seem to want to know!

    Has anyone ever had troubles getting home or property owners to talk about the case, and allow photographs of there property?
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    Regards Mike


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      I'm sure Chris would feel safer if the title were put in quotes.


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        Originally posted by Robert View Post
        I'm sure Chris would feel safer if the title were put in quotes.
        Just noticed that, perhaps there on a pub crawl!
        Regards Mike


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          Hi guys
          In the podcast I mentioned a system of casual hiring of labour known as the "lump"
          I found this definition of it:
          The Lump - system of pretending workers are self-employed, paying them a lump sum and leaving them to worry about tax and national insurance. Against a background of low wage rates, many were tempted, but employers used it to smash unions, and undermine conditions, setting workers competing with each other, and worsening accident rates. Those on the "lump" had no security or employment rights, and if they dodged their insurance they found themselves in trouble later when sick or unemployed.

          Thanks for a show that was very enjoyable to do


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            Very interesting Podcast, really enjoyed hearing about all the connections between Ramsgate and the ripper case -- have just purchased Chris's book
            and look forward to reading it.