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Ep. #37- 2008: Year in Review

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  • Ep. #37- 2008: Year in Review

    Discussion thread for Rippercast

    Episode #37

    2008: Year in Review

    Featuring the voices of Howard Brown, Mike Covell, Ben Holme, Gareth Williams and Jonathan Menges.

    Thanks to all who listen and participate!

    Stay Tuned,


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    An enjoyable podcast (is it me or does Ben sound like Paul Begg?) and I'm humbled by the kind words. I do, however, have a sad observation to make - JM, at the start you said you would be discussing the 2008 Conference and not a word was said about it. Knoxville was a major event and has been virtually ignored by every facet of Ripperology media (the one exception being Rippercast interviewing Kelly in advance). I guess with none of the guests having been there you couldn't have covered it in detail, but I do get irked that the masses of work Kelly and Dan did have gone almost entirely unheralded. Certainly for me (United Airways notwithstanding) it was one of the best long weekends of my life.

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      Hi Philip,

      That was my fault. I had actually prepared to discuss the conference and had even emailed Kelly to try to get totals on how much was donated to charity as I felt that was a worthwhile achievement. Unfortunately, I was felled by a rather severe headache and was not able to be on.

      What I did learn and was planning to discuss on the podcast was that there were plans to write a review in Ripperologist for the magazine, but the person they had tapped to write it backed out of writing it AFTER the conference was over and they weren't able to get anyone else. They asked another attendee if they would be willing to write it based on what they remembered and that person was also not willing to write a review so they were unable to put anything in.

      I never heard back from Kelly about the total that was submitted but I believe it went to Children with Leukemia in the UK.
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        Hi Ally, Philip,

        But, it does not excuse us not commenting on it. My fault. This was a, lets say, difficult podcast to record and edit, and the sooner we wrapped it up the better. Those who participated are aware of which I speak.

        That being said, I actually asked Dan and/or Kelly to return to the show to discuss the conference again, months ago, for a post-conference report, but they declined.

        Nevertheless, as I said over on Howard's forum regarding the 'Ripperologist of the Year' vote, I applaud Kelly for all her work, and it is those such as her that made the year in Ripperology so interesting, and gave subject matter to the discussions that took place on the show in 2008.



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          Originally posted by George Hutchinson View Post
          I guess with none of the guests having been there ...
          ... indeed, Phil. I sincerely wish that I could have been at Knoxville, too.
          Kind regards, Sam Flynn

          "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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            Nice podcast guys. A very pleasant hour I have just spent...


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              Hi All,

              Just to let you know that the book I donated to the Knoxville auction raised $650.00

              The winning bidder received the book that had been duly signed by AP [many thanks for that] and forwarded the £438.00 Sterling equivalent to the Children with Leukemia charity in England.

              I was sent the electronic transfer record as proof of payment. So many thanks to the highest bidder.

              And many thanks to Dan, Kelly and the Ripper community.

              I haven't heard what happened about RJM's auction book.


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                Ashamed to admit this is the first podcast I've heard....Certainly won't be the last!.....No-one's voices anything like I'd imagined when reading their posts....


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                  It was quite a difficult podcast as there where so many great achievements, finds, books, events, and notable folk in 2008.

                  I also wish I could have gone to the US Conf, but no one would buy the wife!
                  Regards Mike


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                    I listened to the podcast last night. Very well done. I had hoped in a self-serving way that my Druitt photos would have made the list of photographic finds and that my identification of Farquharson as the West of England MP would have made the list of other discoveries, but c'est la vie.

                    Seriously, fine job.


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                      They certainly deserved to, Andy - sorry we didn't get round to giving them a mention. It's been quite a productive (and provocative!) year all told, when you think about it

                      Thanks for the thanks.
                      Kind regards, Sam Flynn

                      "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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                        Originally posted by aspallek View Post
                        I had hoped in a self-serving way that my Druitt photos would have made the list of photographic finds...
                        My apologies for not picking up on this as well, Andy. Yes, indeed - it was a mention at the start and no more.

                        Tour guides do it loudly in front of a crowd.


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                          Hi Andy,

                          Sorry we neglected to mention your photos! However we did applaud your trip to Winchester and taking an active part in researching this subject. Anyone who missed it needs to check out the podcast we did with Andy Spallek last month here

                          I now know, after doing one, that I hate 'Year in Review' shows....



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                            Actually, although the "new" Druitt photos are the more sensational find, I attach far more significance to the identification of Farquharson as this shows how Scotland yard came to know of Druitt as a suspect and dates his suspect status back to early 1891. This is fully three years earlier than previously assumed.


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                              And here I thought it was Inspector James Butcher who told Macnaghten about Druitt.