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Dickens & Saving The Strand Workhouse: Radio Interview

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  • Dickens & Saving The Strand Workhouse: Radio Interview

    Hi everyone.

    Here's an interesting interview with Ruth Richardson, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, discussing the Strand Workhouse and her discovery that Charles Dickens lived a few doors away from it as a boy. In 2010 the workhouse was nearly demolished; there was a petition here on Casebook to save it, which many of us signed. Thankfully, Richardson's discovery and the petitions did help save the historic old workhouse from demolition.

    Summary: "This year marks the bicentennial of Charles Dickens' birth. For decades, scholars have looked to the novelist’s childhood to explain his pre-occupation with reform. One historian claims she has found a clue that stayed hidden for nearly two centuries. The Old Strand Workhouse in London was slated for demolition in 2010 when Ruth Richardson joined the campaign to save the building. It was then that she made a connection others seem to have missed: As a child, Charles Dickens had lived just a few doors down from the workhouse that was probably the inspiration for his novel, Oliver Twist. A discussion about Charles Dickens, the workhouse, and the London poor."
    Guests: Ruth Richardson, historian and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

    "Dickens & the Workhouse: Oliver Twist and the London Poor"

    You can stream or download the story.

    Best regards,