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    Randi also busted televangelist Peter Popov and his healing scam. Amazingly, Popov still has a ministry and is still scamming people. He sells "miracle water" which apparently will not only heal your physical ailments but also cancel your debts and make money appear out of the blue in your checking account. It must work because it is an absolute miracle that this piece of garbage isn't in jail.



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      But isn't it assumed in law that people like this, along with fortune tellers, are all charlatans? That in effect, you get what you pay for if you give them money with some expectation that they can do what they claim?
      I'm not so sure the law will prosecute them for fraud, otherwise they wouldn't still be all over the place plying their so-called 'gift'.

      It's so amazing to me that such an educated mind as Conan Doyle had that he believed in spiritualists & the Cottingley fairies.
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        What is sad is Popov is back selling miracle carp on TV in infomercials....Geller makes MILLIONS as a "dowser" for oil companies and Randi is all but forgotten....seems the reason is there is a sucker born every minute is people WANT to be suckered....truly depressing

        Steadmund Brand
        "The truth is what is, and what should be is a fantasy. A terrible, terrible lie that someone gave to the people long ago."- Lenny Bruce


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          One of our alternative health teachers brought in several books on herbal medicine, chakras, and so forth to put on reserve. One of my colleagues was very annoyed that one of the books was entitled "The Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic", and advised me not to put it into our library catalog.

          Of course, libraries don't work that way-- we are supposed to present all viewpoints, even if we personally disagree with some topics.
          Pat D.
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