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  • Israel Schwartz - new information

    While doing some research I came across Israel and his wife, Eva's death details. It also lists family members and new/different surname.

    We have Israel Schwartz -
    May 21 1937 - The tombstone in memory of the late Israel Schwartz will be consecrated at Edmonton Cemetery on Sunday May 23rd at 1pm. Conveyance
    leaves 26 Princes Square, Cable Street E1 at 12:15pm.

    We know that in the 1911 census Israel was living at 26 Princes Square so nice link there.

    Next we have Eva -

    Eva Schwartz 1863 - Jun 1944 London Hackney.
    Probate - Eva Schwartz of 20 Fairholt Road Stoke Newington Middlesex Widow, died 29th June 1944 at Hackney Hospital Middlesex. Administration Llandudno 19 February to Lionel Shorts furrier.
    Effects £443 11s 7d

    It's interesting to note here that Lionel was called Shorts and was a furrier when they also had a son called Lionel who worked with fur. All comes together nicely with the last piece of info

    Shorts (Schwartz) - went to sleep on Thursday June 29 1944. Eva, beloved wife of the late Israel Schwartz of Princes Square E.1. Deeply mourned by her sorrowing children Elllie (Mrs Shear), Lionel, Daniel, Judah, Alf and Monte and in law Joe; daughters in law Frances, Fanny and Hettie; grandchildren and g grandchildren. Shiva at 20 Fairholt Road .

    This does lead us to Lionel Shorts info but as that's going into the 1960's i'd rather not post that info. There doesn't seem anything pertinent to Israel that I can see anyway.
    I will say he does leave a will in which he names a Judah Shorts as one of the recipients , so either he has a son named after his brother or his brother Judah also changed his last name.

    His marriage in 1914 shows he's using the name Schwartz still.

    It's not about what you's about what you can find out

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    Great info and research. I find the name Mrs Shear to be of interest but I'm not sure why.


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      Interesting find.
      G U T

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        Nice work. Thanks!
        Kind regards, Sam Flynn

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          Every wee bit helps!

          Well done.


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            Thanks guys.

            Here's Israel's death announcement -

            SCHWARTZ (Shorts). — On Friday/ the
            24th of April (Iyar 2nd), Israel
            Schwartz, of 26,. Princes-square, E.I,
            after a prolonged illness. Deeply
            mourned by his beloved wife Eva, and
            children Ettie, Lionel, Daniel, Judah,
            Alfred, Monty, sorrowing son-in-law,
            daughters-in-law and grandchildren.
            - Cherished memories of a noble and
            righteous Jew.

            also his marriage of Esther to Joe Shear -

            SCHWARTZ : SHEAR.—On Sunday, the
            18th of August, at the Bethnal Green Synagogue,
            by the Rev. 8. Blachman, Esther, I
            eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. Schwartz, |
            of 26, Princes-square, Cable-street, to Joe,
            son of Mr. and Mrs. Shear, of 51, Buxton St East.

            It's not about what you's about what you can find out


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              Love it! Thanks for digging and sharing.

              Yours truly,

              Tom Wescott


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                It's always good to see a few more tiles added to the mosaic. I'd always imagined that Schwartz would have changed his name to Black to anglicise it - but clearly not.
                "It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins twisting facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (as Sherlock Holmes).


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                  Originally posted by Bridewell View Post
                  It's always good to see a few more tiles added to the mosaic.

                  I agree!!

                  Cracking find, thanks for sharing it with us .