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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but it concerns a couple of workhouse entries in respect of one Henry Maxwell from 1877.

    His age of 23 would give a date of birth around 1854 which means he is considerably younger than Maxwell of 14 Dorset Street (but could conceivably be a son or other close family member).

    Henry was sent to the workhouse from Mansion House (on both occasions) and one entry shows by the Lord Mayor. He wasn't unique in that, which leads to a conclusion that he may have been up before the Lord Mayor on some misdemeanour. His occupation is Sailor.

    I think he may be worthy of further research but I wondered whether anyone may have already done some, particularly concerning his appearances before the Lord Mayor.

    The extracts are from the London Union Workhouse.
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    That is not the same Henry Maxwell. I did some routing around the census on the Dorset st one a while back.

    This Maxwell a 23 yearold sailor probably came from Mansion House St,a small street where the Lord Mayors house was. It connected to Poultry, near the Bank of England. It indicates that Maxwell addmitted himself to the workhouse,probably due to destitution. He may have been begging round that area and sent to the workhouse on the second occasion by The Lord Mayor.

    Miss Marple
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