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    Rather an accident? The stomach was bisected? A segment of intestine was missing? What accident causes these things? Dave
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      Originally posted by corey123 View Post
      Hello Debra,

      I was woundering when you would end up here Anyhow, this idea that Jackson's death could be explained by a botched attemp to peform an abortion on her. I agree, the dissapearnece of organs seem rather an accident than by design.

      However, remember the note from your sum of the anatomical evidence.

      Pegnant female, pregnancy advanced to between 6 and 7 months, Undelivered at the time of her death, the foetus had been removed by an incision throught the walls of the uterus after death.
      Yes, but I can't recall ever saying on here that Elizabeth's death could be explained by a botched attempt to perform an abortion on her. There was no abortion performed full stop, let alone a botched one. And I've spent years trying to get that message across believe it or not! Victims of 'botched abortions' usually died in agony through infection weeks later.
      What I did say is, although medical evidence stated that no instruments normally used in abortion practices had been used on Elizabeth, all areas prone to injury during these types of procedures were healthy and uninjured, there is one thing* that could point to the fact that some sort of procedure may have been attempted (*expalined in above posts)

      I have no idea of the significance of what was found in Elizabeth's body but I do think it worth exploring if it has any connection to midwifery or abortion practices.

      I think the removal of the foetus from the uterus after death would have been to facilitate dismemberment of the body?


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        My apologies Debra,

        Anyhow, the idea is none the less interesting. Also, message received

        I think the removal of the foetus from the uterus after death would have been to facilitate dismemberment of the body?
        Also, it is possible.
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