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    Originally posted by Cap'n Jack View Post
    The living would have escaped their interest.
    I don't know, AP,
    They did cover a lot of ailments and strange cures for the living too!

    Norma, it was the one about the torso murders


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      Thanks Debs---will listen to it over the weekend.


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        Debs, I dwelled a bit.
        I think of the case I found around the time of some poor 'unfortunates' being involved in the theft of pure mercury from the Kearly & Tonge warehouse in Mitre Square.
        Because Mercury was valuable? For sure.
        But even accidental exposure to mercury doubles the chance of spontaneous abortion, so what would intentional exposure to mercury achieve in a woman bent on 'shunting' her baby?
        And of course, the ingestion of mercury does lead to anal bleeding.
        See Thomas for more details.


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          Thanks for your thoughts, AP.
          I don't see how it has to be mercury necessarily though.
          There were a lot of effective posions available for this purpose and I've looked at a few of them in detail. Some were known to have violent side effects upon the lower bowel, so I guess that may tie in with the 'plugging.'
          Like I said before, the plugging alone would not be effective in bringing on a miscarriage or cause death, it had to be used in conjunction with something else, poisons, herbs etc, whether taken orally or otherwise. It is still a method involved in 20th century abortion practices.


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            Originally posted by Versa View Post
            I'm 99.99% certain it was Arthur Shawcross (The Genesee River Killer), it was an interview with him talking about his crimes.

            Hi again Versa,
            I think the programme you were talking about is on UK tv tonight (Channel 5 at 10pm for anyone else interested) An Interview with Arthur Shawcross?

            Thanks for mentioning it, I'll definitely watch that.