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Carrie Brown found alive

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  • Carrie Brown found alive

    In this article it states that Carrie Brown was in contact with police after the April 1891 New York murder and the victim wasn't her. I know newspapers aren't 100% accurate but the entire article was written in reference to direct police sources.
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    There was great confusion at first over the identity of the East River Hotel victim. Originally she was only identified by her nickname "Shakespeare" (also, less popularly, "Jeff Davis") but there were several women, and at least one man, who were also called this so the police were unsure exactly who the woman was. Much of the victim's history was, and still is, therefore, a mishmash of two or three women. However, she was fairly quickly correctly identified as Carrie Brown, although for a brief time some newspapers remained confused by the conflicting stories. The above just illustrates the confusion at the time.