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Ada Wilson stealing?

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    Originally posted by Debra A View Post
    Mark's whole general identification of the woman with the unusual first name (I can't recall it at the moment) who's married name was Wilson and who had been previously stabbed by her husband.
    I think her first name was "Zoa" instead of "Zoe".

    Originally posted by Debra A View Post
    I think the death index entry I found using Mark's research is probably the right woman and not the death entry Mark originally found
    Originally posted by Tom_Wescott View Post
    And I won't shy from admitting I like the romance of thinking a would-be Ripper victim lived until the 1950's, perhaps rubbing shoulders with some of the people posting on these boards today.
    So our Ada Wilson might have survived until 1950? Wow, that's something. Such a shame that she was found about not earlier than by Martin Fido in the 1980s. But she might have next of kin?
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