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  • Bloodhounds

    Apparently there was a plan to bring in a couple of bloodhounds after the murder of Mary kelly, but for some reason this never happened. Was this a missed opportunity to catch the Ripper? Could the dogs have lead police right to his door?

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    Plan or pantomime?


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      MSU's bloodhound helps solve murder (

      When Montana State University Campus Police Sgt. Tamie Parrent arrived at the scene of a murder last month in Billings, the trail of the suspect was cold -- 60 hours cold. Yet with three-year-old Sarge, MSU's bloodhound, Parrent and pooch were able to help police track the suspect.

      Sarge trailed the scent for more than a mile through a Billings residential area. Sarge found the trail's end at the door of the house where the suspect had earlier been located and arrested.

      I think the article is suggesting that Sarge (the dog) was given the scent of the suspect to follow, however.

      On the other hand:

      Sarge has always pleased me. He helped track a jailbreak, a bank robber, a Peeping Tom and an ice cream store robber.


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        My understanding is that the dogs were called for, and the police waited before entering the property at Miller's Court. However, it required sign-off from the now-resigned Charles Warren, and it caused confusion in the ranks as to what to do. Also, the dogs were held some distance away.

        In the end, the police at the scene got tired of waiting and entered the property. Would the hounds have helped? Who knows, they hadn't up to that point.
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          My father was an experienced and well-respected police dog-handler and trainer, and I've actually asked him about this. His view was that the filthy, crowded conditions of Victorian slum streets would have made it almost impossible for tracker dogs to follow a scent for any useful distance.
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            Plus, wouldn't they have needed an article of clothing or something that belonged to the Ripper to follow his scent? What would they have used to track his scent?