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  • Originally posted by caz View Post

    In which case, Abby, why would he risk coming forward if he was the ripper himself?

    Assuming he was there, and felt obliged to come forward - albeit belatedly - to say so, he arguably needed to come equipped with a 'last man in', or risk being suspected himself. He put himself very close to the scene, and later than Blotchy. I can't see the ripper doing that lightly, and certainly not doing it for the 'fun' of injecting himself into the investigation.


    My current line of thought regarding George Hutchinson has come out of a developing idea while bashing out a few theories in the Shadowing Sarah Lewis' Statement thread.

    The idea is that Hutchinson, rather than covering his tracks as the killer, was instead deflecting from being identified as an individual hired to reignite a bit of Ripper fever after a lull in the killings. He may have happened to bump into Mary while out that night but the rest of his statement makes sense as a piece of fiction if Hutchinson was the man Sarah Lewis saw as she passed the Britannia on her way into Dorset Street and in Bethnal Green just the night before.


    • Originally posted by Wickerman View Post

      The Pardon was dated Nov. 10th, signed by Warren.
      The bit concerning a potential accomplice was described as:

      ".....By "accomplice" is meant - the police take care to explain - any person who may know of the murderer's design, but who yet is afraid of surrendering him to justice from fear of implicating himself as an accessory before or after the commission of the crimes."

      That doesn't sound like pardoning a lookout to me.

      Im not sure how you decided that someone helping the killer by being a lookout isnt a potential accomplice Jon, there is NO other reason for finally offering this Pardon
      after choosing not to do so in the previous murders, one we have 2 weapons and in another we have a potential cover-up by club members. Wideawake Man is essentially the ONLY reason to suspect others in this case.
      Michael Richards