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Escape from Buck's Row

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    Hi Chris
    A cats meat man would be familiar with the slaughter house in Winthrop Street.My JtR suspect,James Hardiman was a cats meat man and my theory is that all escape routes eventually led to his home in Heneage Street at No 13.
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      Maybe he never escaped at all from Buck's Row, if the Ripper was Charles Cross... Lol
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        quoting: Back through the Buck's Row gates of Brown's stable yard [locked and bolted from the inside] followed by a quick stroll through to Winthrop Street and away.

        About the stables --- how do we know it was locked and bolted from the inside?

        were stables private?

        or like public garages where anyone could leave a horse for the night

        How were they "manned" or paid for?

        From the above post, they were locked? and therefore inaccessible if an owner wanted to "check on his horse" or even to sleep off a drunk from one of the pubs?

        So, does anyone have any knowledge of stables and how the usage of them worked?




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          Looking at the map......There seems to be a variety of hiding places/escape routes to the north-east...IF the murderer heard people coming.that seems close than going west past or round the school....?.....any possibility of opening out the map a bit that way....?


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            Woods Buildings to the southwest of the Nichols murder location has been suggested by John Bennett and others as providing an excellent escape route from Buck's Row that would have enabled the murderer to get to Whitechapel Road quickly without being seen.

            See Rob Clack's photograph from circa 1989 here as well as this 1956 fire insurance map -- Wood's Buildings at lower left of map.
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              Originally posted by John Bennett View Post
              And personally, I reckon an escape via the railway line (ie, over the wall in Bucks Row, the stable yard or Winthrop Street) is very unlikely. It's a substantial distance to fall (a good 30-40 feet) straight onto the platform or tracks of the East London line.

              I think Jack would have had a bit of trouble getting up after that one.

              He may have escaped via the railway line, the drop wasn't necessarily a sheer drop and a killer with agility could have managed to climb down.

              There is also an escape via the train system, effectively taking him away from the murder site quicker than going on foot.

              Just a thought

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