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Who did Jack murder?

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  • Who did Jack murder?

    With the anniversary of Mary Kelly’s death approaching, here is a poll asking “which of the official Whitechapel murders did JTR commit?” and to see which victims poll highest....
    Emma Smith
    Martha Tabram
    Mary Ann Nichols
    Annie Chapman
    Elizabeth Stride
    Catherine Eddowes
    Mary Jane Kelly
    Rose Mylett
    Alice McKenzie
    Frances Coles
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    Pick the famous 5 the victims we know or pretty much know he killed, I believe he killed more then 5 but just there not enough evidence to say who.


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      Originally posted by Uncle Jack View Post
      With the anniversary of Mary Kelly’s death approaching, here is a poll asking “which of the official Whitechapel murders did JTR commit?” and to see which victims poll highest....
      I think Jack killed between four and six women.

      Martha Tabram- May have been a Ripper victim. Abberline obviously thought she was.

      Polly Nichols- Was a Ripper victim

      Annie Chapman- Was a Ripper victim

      Liz Stride- May or may not have been a victim

      Kathy Eddowes- Was a Ripper victim

      Mary Kelly- Was a Ripper victim

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        Martha Tabram: I didn't vote for her and believe that one or both of the soldiers she was in the company of were responsible. That said, I don't completely rule her out as being one of his anymore.
        Mary Ann Nichols: She was definitely a Ripper victim; even though we don't know the exact extent of her injuries, going by what little that is available her throat seems to have been cut just as ferociously as C2, C4 & C5. That and the general picture her post-mortem notes paint is that her torso was probably in a similar state as Eddowes'.
        Annie Chapman: She's the Ripper victim.
        Elizabeth Stride: Although I don't personally believe that she was killed by the Ripper (the majority of information regarding her murder all seems to incriminate the broad-shouldered man, who probably wasn't the Ripper) I'm no longer biased that she isn't. I'd put her in the same league as Tabram in terms of her candidacy.
        Catherine Eddowes: Without a shadow of a doubt, she was a Ripper victim. I think the reason he killed outside of Whitechapel that night and earlier than he did the other times was as a precaution. After the Chapman murder there was a bit of a proverbial spotlight beginning to shine on his usual haunt and so he probably changed his 'pattern' a bit to avoid it. The facial mutilations and kidney removal were more likely than not just experimentation and not a theorised personal link between the victim and her killer - don't buy into that at all.
        Mary Jane Kelly: Just like I don't buy into a copycat Ripper, whether the man behind it killed her in a crime of passion or not. One, I doubt the Ripper would be content with ending things on the botched job that was Eddowes, and two, I doubt that there was yet another murderer in the district capable of inflicating far greater and more extensive damage than the 'actual killer'. Her throat was cut right down to the vertebrae just like C1, C2 & C4's. The exact same organs were targeted contrary to popular belief, just not taken away by the killer, and the torso, vagina and face (and thighs like Eddowes', though admttedly I'd say that hers were more the result of the blade slipping, the stupid bastard [Jack, not Eddowes]) were once again the main focus. I'm probably in the minority in this but I think Kelly's murder was the Ripper's idea of 'one more for the road' (not literally, all you American!Jack fanboys ) before calling it a night. I can't see the perpetrator of these crimes being suicidal nor in ill health; he valued his life to an extent so as not to want to get caught and the strength of his guy to have split his victims' throats so widely open and to open up the torsos in such a short space of time tells me at least that he was quite fit (as in healthy o_O). So either he quit of his own accord or was arrested for something different entirely (or nutted off to the funny farm without the authorities knowng just who this man was).

        That said, I only voted for Nichols, Chapman and Eddowes because they're dead-cert Ripper victims.


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          1 - Martha Tabram
          2 - Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols
          3 - Annie Chapman
          4 - Elizabeth Stride
          5 - Catherine Eddowes
          6 - Mary Jane Kelly


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            I have voted
            1. Martha
            2. Nichols

            My reasons for doing so.

            Martha- She has the most credibility of being a victim of Jack the Ripper for a number of reasons.
            1.The killer attacked the EXACT same target areas as in the C5.
            2. Same victim type
            3. 39 stab wounds, in my opinion at least, are fit mutilation if you ask me and fit the idea of a sadistic killer just discovering his fantasy.

            Nichols- Not much to say about her besides the throat wound is IDENTICLE to Annies and Eddowes.
            Chapman- Same as above and also the murderer shows progression in his fantasy as it would show in murders like these. Showing the beginning of some constant feature in the murders.(i.e. Intestines over the shoulder, skirt pulled up, the throat wound, three flaps of skin)
            Stride-I only picked her because she has no better suspect for her murder. It truly depends on personal opinion in this case, but I would say she was killed by Jack the Ripper.
            Eddowes-Shows same constant features including more escilation with the facial mutilations.
            Kelly-Same constents with the full extent of the fantasy in the murder.

            If one questions if it was a killer or not, try linking the murder sites. Notice they form a circle(George Yard buildings fall into this circle as does Royal London Hospital). This is a proven fact in non-disposing killers who leave them where they lay. They tend to emminate beyond a killers base forming a circle. Imagine a killer who kills five times. Get a peice of paper and draw a dot in the top right hand corner and lable it ONE. As the investigation gets hot in that area he moves more to the west, draw a dot in the top left hand corner and lable it TWO. Again as the heat moves to that area he moves away and as the cirlce completes it self, he may return to kill close to the area No.One was killed.

            Also the killer shows a constent M.O and signiture.

            Yours truly
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