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Why No Murders In 1890??

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    Originally posted by evilina View Post
    If we do assume that Jack killed after 1888 (which I don't really think I agree with) then one would assume that a break was caused by a lack of freedom. One that comes to mind is that he was jailed for an unrelated crime for a short period.
    Why do you think he didnt kill anymore after 1888. ?

    People keep writing this but it is a fact that there were other murders afterwards all of a very similar nature, all unsolved. Foolhardy to dismiss them outright.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but opinions dont solver murder cases


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      I think it is foolish to think that the later murders of Mylett, McKenzie, Pinchin Street, Coles and Woolfe, all of whom (except Mylett) were killed in Whitechapel, are not connected just bacause they were not identical to the '88 series. I also think this concerning murders in London outside the East End such as Elizabeth Jackson and Whitehall.
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