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Did the victims work for someone?

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  • Did the victims work for someone?

    I was reading Trevor Marriott's "Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century Investigation" when something jumped out at me.

    On page X of the introduction, he says "In those days, many prostitutes were forced to work the streets by gangs who inflicted violence on these poor women if they did not obey them and hand over money that they earned through prostitution."

    I can't recall ever seeing anything about the JTR victims working for street gangs, or individuals. Other than Emma Smith, who claimed she was attacked by a gang - this could have been her "pimp gang" who were trying to get money from her.

    Were the Canonical Five unusual in this respect?

    Or is it simply that we wouldn't know if they were so "employed". The gangs would obviously not come forward and witnesses and friends may not have even known that any woman was involved in such a thing. A few other prostitutes did give statements etc, but I don't recall anyone mentioning that a victim had worked for anyone else whilst an "unfortunate".

    I would be very interested to hear any info about these prostitute gangs as it seems like something that might possibly be relevant to the crimes but is not usually discussed.