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Why No Stride Mutilations ?

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  • Originally posted by Trevor Marriott View Post

    But we dont know if Stride was prostituting herself at that location if she had have been she would likely as not have accosted almost every manv who she came upon, and besides 15 mins is a long time for her to be hanging around that location without a specific purpose, that in itself shows a propensity towards prostitution. Which is what Swanson suggests in his report.

    The man seen pushing her to the ground could have been someone she propositioned who took exception to it and pushed her aside to go on his way.

    Staying with that report there is one part that causes me concern in relation to Kidney being looked upon as a suspect. I quote from the report "It may be shortly stated that the enquiry into her history,did not disclose the slightest pretext for a motive on behalf of friends or associates, or anybody who had known her"

    Clearly they had not done their investigation thoroughly otherwise the charge she brought against Kidney for assaulting her would have flagged up as would their history of their alleged torrid relationship and he would have needed to be investigated further. a missed opportunity
    But not knowing the exact circumstances,surely, it had to be included in a report,which the inquest was in a big way.Barring a trial it was the only legal report.
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    Clearly the first human laws (way older and already established) spawned organized religion's morality - from which it's writers only copied/stole,ex. you cannot kill,rob,steal (forced,it started civil society).
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    • I reckon probably killed by the same man. Ultimately, it would be highly unusual for two men to be in broadly the same location at the same time cutting women's throats. I was under the impression that there was no definitive conclusion on whether or not the same knife was used during the other murders (as per doctors' statements). Ultimately, the cut to the throat was consistent with the other murders which to me speaks volumes. There are so many variables outside of the murderer's control that the murders were never going to display the same hallmarks, but the consistent cut/s to the throat is telling.

      Assuming he did stop in Goulston Street to wipe his knife, it begs the question: why? There are all sorts of possibilities, and one is that perhaps he was heading back into the vicinity of the first murder and given he committed the first murder he was expecting a police search to be in operation.

      In terms of timings and the like, as others have pointed out: at least some of the witnesses will have had their times wrong (for obvious reasons) and so I personally don't hang my hat on the times given. Dr Blackwell arrived at 1:16am, I think that can be taken as highly likely. I've always wondered whether it is reasonable to think that 16 minutes is sufficient time from the body being found to Dr Blackwell arriving and all of the activity in between, and as a result the body may have been found earlier.

      As for there being no mutilations and whether or not Dutfield's Yard was too risky for him: I think this is a brazen opportunist of an individual who certainly took a risk with both Polly and Annie in terms of location, and he simply could not control who would turn the corner when. I would go with interrupted but not necessarily by Diemschutz.


      • Originally posted by JeffHamm View Post
        Hi Trevor,

        And Chapman is the only one in a backyard, and Nicoles the furthest east, and Kelly the only one indoors, and Eddowes the only one in a square .... It's always possible to find something about a crime that is different from the others. They all have unique characteristics. Being south of Whitechapel Road just happens to be a unique aspect for Stride.
        'Seems to me there is a pattern in that the murders progressed in terms of privacy at the location. From street to house back yard to yard with one entrance and not adjoined by neighbouring back yards to dimly lit square to house. That would suggest to me he wasn't getting the privacy he desired and it follows it's reasonable to suggest he was interrupted on more than one occasion.

        I think initially he is taking an opportunity wherever it is presented but veers away from that because experience is telling him he is not going to satisfy his lust by doing that.

        Like you, I don't believe location points towards a different murderer.