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Why did Pipe Man chase Israel Schwartz away?

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    Originally posted by Losmandris View Post

    Hey Abby

    I have just been listening to Tom Westcott on Rippercast talking about Stride and what he says about Jame Brown being the last person seeing Stride alive, later than 12.45. He sees a man with Stride, who has all the appearances of pipe smoking man. I tend to agree with this. I think pipe smoking man is JtR potentially. Plus also struggle with the fact BS is seen pushing Stride into the street, not dragging her into the yard. How did you explain that? He pushes her over, then picks her up, drags her to the yard and kills her? Or something along those lines. Love to know your thoughts on that?
    Is this witnessing of Stride by Brown, occurring before or after the so-called Schwartz incident?

    If before, then Stride must at some point depart from Pipeman (who hangs around), to go and stand in the gateway (inexplicably), then BS and Schwartz must arrive on the scene. The incident has to occur before Fanny Mortimer sees Leon Goldstein, presumably just before 1am. So approximately when does the incident actually occur?

    If after, then Pipeman must have returned to Berner street after his gallop, to talk to Stride, who has decided to hang around. Presumably the two then make their way into Dutfield's Yard. For what reason do you suppose? This scenario also has Leon Goldstein walking right past Stride and PM at the school corner, as he made his way home. I wonder if he crossed paths with Israel Schwartz, who might have still been catching his breath, down near Goldstein's place and the railway arch.
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      Originally posted by GBinOz View Post

      I think that Stride was having an affair with a married man.
      Baxter: Did you see her leave the lodging-house?
      Catherine Lane: Yes; she gave me a piece of velvet as she left, and asked me to mind it until she came back.
      (The velvet was produced, and proved to be a large piece, green in colour.)

      Was the velvet for a wedding dress?

      I think he was with her at the Bricklayers Arms and that he bought her grapes from Packer. He then picked up pamphlets from the printing office and became Parcel Man.
      J. Best: The man was no foreigner; he was an Englishman right enough.

      An Englishman in the club, picking up political pamphlets while on a date with Liz?
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