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Row over soap.....................

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  • Row over soap.....................

    It's well documented that CHAPMAN had a row with a woman called COOPER over a bar of soap.

    But whose soap was it and who said

    "I'll see you by and by"

    "Go by yourself a half penny of soap"

    "Think yourself lucky I don't do more"

    I had always believed CHAPMAN to be the "victim" and COOPER to be the offender?

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    Hi Cat
    According to Eliza Cooper's testimony, it was Annie Chapman who borrowed but didn't return the soap from her, and said all those things, getting a black eye in return.

    "Eliza Cooper: I am a hawker, and lodge in Dorset-street, Spitalfields. Have done so for the last five months. I knew the deceased, and had a quarrel with her on the Tuesday before she was murdered. The quarrel arose in this way: On the previous Saturday she brought Mr. Stanley into the house where I lodged in Dorset-street, and coming into the kitchen asked the people to give her some soap. They told her to ask "Liza" - meaning me. She came to me, and I opened the locker and gave her some. She gave it to Stanley, who went outside and washed himself in the lavatory. When she came back I asked for the soap, but she did not return it. She said, "I will see you by and bye." Mr. Stanley gave her two shillings, and paid for her bed for two nights. I saw no more of her that night. On the following Tuesday I saw her in the kitchen of the lodging-house. I said, "Perhaps you will return my soap." She threw a halfpenny on the table, and said, "Go and get a halfpennyworth of soap." We got quarrelling over this piece of soap, and we went out to the Ringers Public-house and continued the quarrel. She slapped my face, and said, "Think yourself lucky I don't do more." I struck her in the left eye, I believe, and then in the chest. I afterwards saw that the blow I gave her had marked her face."


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      Thanks Josh, that clears that up nicely for me, many thanks.