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  • erobitha
    Originally posted by Columbo View Post

    Seems pretty clear cut to me. He faked it.

    Great analysis Columbo. It's insight like that has helped shake the case to it's very foundations.

    Where were you when we needed you sooner?

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  • Columbo
    Originally posted by Trevor Marriott View Post

    The idea of the Diary came from a discussion between Tony Devereux, Anne Barrett my wife and myself

    I told my wife Anne Barrett, I said, "Anne I'll write a best seller here, we can't fail".

    Roughly round about January, February 1990 Anne Barrett and I finally decided to go ahead and write the Diary of Jack the Ripper. In fact Anne purchased a Diary, a red leather backed Diary for L25.00p, she made the purchase through a firm in the 1986 Writers Year Book, I cannot remember their name, she paid for the Diary by cheque in the amount of L25 which was drawn on her Lloyds Bank Account, Water Street Branch, Liverpool.

    At about the same time as all this was being discussed by my wife and I. I spoke to William Graham about our idea. This was my wifes father and he said to me, its a good idea, if you can get away with it and in fact he gave me L50 towards expenses which I expected to pay at least for the appropriate paper should I find it.

    I feel sure it was the end of January 1990 when I went to the Auctioneer, Outhwaite & Litherland,

    It was about 11.30am in the morning when I attended the Auctioneers. I found a photograph Album which contained approximately, approximately (sic) 125 pages of photographs. They were old photographs and they were all to do with the 1914/1918 1st World War. This Album was part of lot No.126 which was for auction with a 'brass compass', it looked to me like a 'seaman's Compass', it was round faced with a square encasement, all of which was brass, it was marked on the face, North South, East and West in heavy lettering. I particularly noticed that the compass had no 'fingers'.

    When the bidding stated (sic) I noticed another man who was interested in the itmes (sic) he was smartly dressed, I would say in his middle forties, he was interested in the photographs. I noticed that his collar and tie were immaculate and I think he was a Military man.

    This man bid up to L45 and then I bid L50 and the other man dropped out.

    At this stage I was given a ticket on which was marked the item number and the price I had bid. I then had to hand this ticket over to the Office and I paid L50. This ticked was stamped. I woman, slim build, aged about 35/40 years dealt with me and she asked me my name, which I gave as P Williams, XXXXXXXXXXXXX I think I gave the number as 47. When I was asked for details about me the name Williams arose because I purchased my house from a Mr P Williams, the road name I used is in fact the next street to my mums address,

    When I got the Album and Compass home, I examined it closely, inside the front cover I noticed a makers stamp mark, dated 1908 or 1909 to remove this without trace I soaked the whole of the front cover in Linseed Oil, once the oil was absorbed by the front cover, which took about 2 days to dry out. I even used the heat from the gas oven to assist in the drying out.

    I then removed the makers seal which was ready to fall off. I then took a 'Stanley Knife' and removed all the photographs, and quite a few pages.
    I then made a mark 'kidney' shaped, just below centre inside the cover with the Knife.
    This last 64 pages inside the Album which Anne and I decided would be the Diary. Anne and I went to town in Liverpool and in Bold Street I bought three pens, that would hold fountain nibs, the little brass nibs. I bought 22 brass nibs at about 7p to 12p, a variety of small brass nibs, all from the 'Medice' art gallery.

    Anne Barrett and I visited the Bluecoat Chambers Art shop and we purchased a small bottle of Diamine Manuscript ink. I cannot remember the exact price of the Ink. I think it was less than a pound.

    I sat in the living room by the rear lounge window in the corner with my word processor, Anne Barrett sat with her back on to me as she wrote the manuscript. This pose was later filmed by Paul Feldman of MIA Productions Limited.
    Several days prior to our purchase of materials I had started to roughly outline the Diary on my word processor.

    Much to my regret there was a witness to this, my young daughter Caroline.
    (I wonder what happened to Caroline?) is it a coincidence?

    During this period when we were writing the Diary, Tony Devereux was house-bound, very ill and in fact after we completed the Diary we left it for a while with Tony being severly (sic) ill and in fact he died late May early June 1990.

    During the writing of the diary of Jack the Ripper, when I was dictating to Anne, mistakes occurred from time to time for example, Page 6 of the diary, 2nd paragraph, line 9 starts with an ink blot, this blot covers a mistake when I told Anne to write down James instead of thomas. The mistake was covered by the Ink Blot.

    Page 226 of the Book, page 20, centre page inverted commas, quote "TURN ROUND THREE TIMES, AND CATCH WHOM YOU MAY". This was from Punch Magazine, 3rd week in September 1888. The journalist was P.W. WENN.

    Page 228 of the book, page 22 Diary, centre top verse large ink blot which covers the letter 's' which Anne Barrett wrote down by mistake.

    Page 250 book, page 44 Diary, centre page, quote: "OH COSTLY INTERCOURSE OF DEATH". This quotation I took from SPHERE HISTORY OF LITERATURE, Volume 2 English Poetry and Prose 1540-1671, Edited by Christopher Ricks, however, Anne Barrett made a mistake when she wrote it down, she should have written down 'O' not 'OH'.

    Seems pretty clear cut to me. He faked it.

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  • Iconoclast
    Originally posted by caz View Post
    I once knew the 'had had had etc...' sentence but I can't remember it now and I'm not going to cheat and look it up. One 'had' for each of the eleven days it took Mrs Bongo to put pen to paper and create his DAiry.
    Billy, where Bob had had "had had", had had "had". "Had had" had had the examiner's approval. Bish bosh!

    As for LOBR, I think the full version ought to go down in history as LOBSTER: Lord O's Big Sexy Truest Ever Reveal.
    I love it - the big lobster!

    Although we remember events but not when they occurred, who amongst us is likely to ever forget 2pm on August 1, 2020 and what we are doing when the lobster news breaks?

    I imagine that I'll be rather crabby for for the rest of the day ...


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  • Iconoclast
    Originally posted by erobitha View Post
    I need Ike's statistical analysis on the odds of that happening. My brain not so good these days.
    Astonishingly unlikely indeed, erobitha. Like massively implausible.

    Context: If you had 1million in the bank, would you bet 1million on Crawley Town winning the Premiership within five years?

    I assume the answer is No. Well, the odds of the double event occurring on the same day are probably about as unlikely as Crawley Town winning the Premiership within five years (worse still if we allow the double event to possibly have occurred on a weekend or Bank Holiday).

    And yet the double event appears to have happened. Only one interpretation is possible - the two events were causally linked.


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  • Trevor Marriott
    Originally posted by caz View Post

    Not up to me to disprove anything, my old sport. Were you really a copper, or are you just codding, dear old boss?

    No specific dates are needed by someone who simply remembers being at a certain place, why they were there and what they did. Doesn't mean there are no other ways or means of matching up a shared experience - such as a pop concert or sporting event - with the date when it actually took place.

    The work sheets give us the specific date and what was happening in Battecrease on a certain occasion. The firm's boss, and the electricians involved, remembered the job itself; which members of the Portus & Rhodes crew were sent there; and where in the house it was being done, so nobody needed to work from memory to pin their individual experiences to an actual date, nor were they expected to do so. The wiring job for the first floor storage heaters was a one-off instance - ha ha - so they weren't all remembering another time or place. What nobody can do is to 'remember' back to an event that happened many years ago, including who else was there at the time and what they were doing, if they weren't actually there to experience it for themselves. Someone could pretend to have worked on the floorboard job in Maybrick's old bedroom, assuming he had a motive for doing so, but he'd still need to have learned all his facts in advance from those who were actually there at the time, and then hope they would not remember he was conspicuous by his absence. Do you think Eddie had a motive for saying he was there if he wasn't? And how did he have all the right answers prepared, when he didn't know what the questions were going to be?

    I'm surprised you haven't seen and done all this kind of stuff before, Trev. It must have all been on The Bill at one time or other. My daughter appeared twice on The Bill quite by accident, when she happened to be in the right place at the right time. Once was in a cafe in Wimbledon, and the other time was somewhere in the Croydon area IIRC. She was asked if she'd like to be among the extras. 'Little Caz' has an excellent memory of both occasions, because something memorable happened, but I very much doubt she'd be able to date either. I couldn't even tell you which year or years she appeared.


    Mama Caz
    I don't think anyone is doubting that workmen spent some considerable time at the house, the issue is did they find the diary hidden as has been suggested and if they did what did they actually do with it? The truth is out there

    I note you have as yet not answered the questions I posed regarding proving or disproving the content of the affidavit, as to what Barrett says he and his wife did to write the diary. Perhaps you would be so kind as to at your earliest convenience.

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