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Blood on Charles Lechmere

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    Sorry about the delay!

    >>There is nothing of this that I need to answer.<<

    Almost right, there's nothing you could say, the damage to your credibility is already done.

    >>There IS however, a failing answer from you: You have not produced the "facts" to show that Arthur Ingram was wrong.<<

    The "facts" are that Ingram does not mention Xmere and his duties in any of his books.
    The "facts" are that his contribution to the TV show amounted to about four sentences.

    Here's the one relevant to this discussion,
    "The men at Pickfords working out of Broad St were handling huge chunks of meat."

    This statement is at direct odds with the contemporary descriptions (newspaper and Parliamentary committee reports) of how the meat was handled. They describe the pre-slaughtered carcasses being wrapped in linen bags (see Gary's picture for further confirmation), transported in hampers which were pre-loaded onto the Pickford carts by the railways porters.

    Now if you have "facts" that dispute this, feel free to share them.

    The TV show voice over introduced Ingram thus,
    "His research has uncovered that Charles Lechnere's job was to deliver meat to butchers around the East End."

    This directly implies Ingram uncovered Xmere's work record.

    Did he?

    If he did this arguement is over, you win, so show us the proof. Was that voice over a lie or massively misleading per chance? Certainly NOTHING in the show supported this claim.

    >>I am of the meaning that if an expert says something about his field of research, then that something is likely to be correct. That is why he is called an expert from the outset ...<<

    Like Dr Jari Louhelianen?

    >>... an expert on Pickfords has commented on Pickfords, and what he says is something that seemingly strenghtens the Lechmere theory. And lo and behold, what happens? You claim that I should try and disprove him!!<<

    No, I claim you should check the facts to see if something is accurate before running around telling anyone you meet something is true. It's called research, something it's becoming increasingly clear you are not comfortable with.

    >>You are truly inventive in some respects, be that conjuring up new entrances to goods depots ...<<

    Because I do this thing, alien to you, called research, I can POSITIVELY identify five entrances to Broad Street Goods Yards. I have another two that I still have question marks against but could well be entrances.

    Show me I'm wrong.
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