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Motive(s) of Lechmere-Cross

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    Originally posted by Patrick S View Post
    It's important to remember that, like most things that supposedly "recommend" ( ) Lechmere as a "suspect" ( ), the idea that Lechmere handled meat comes from Christer and the producers of his "internationally send documentary" (who had a vested interest in presenting the material convincingly - a point Christer seems to have blocked from his conscious mind). Just as this ridiculous "revelation" ( ) that Lechmere's 66 year old mother selling cats-meat somehow "de-sensitized" the 40+ year old Lechmere (in 1891, no less...but Christer supposes (as he does in all things) that Mom the Ripper sold cats-meat as far back as she needs to have sold cats-meat in order to have turned her son into a serial killer). Of course, he has no actual evidence to support this supposition. It's just that: supposition. Wild and unfounded supposition conceived of soley because he's convinced himself that Lechmere was Jack the Ripper, the Torso Killer, Atilla the Hun, and, juuuust maybe....Hitler.

    I wonder how the butcher who sells me a kilo of snags and half a kilo of T-bone has managed to remain such a compassionate man over the last 50 years and not a raving serial killer, especially since he also grew up in a butchers shop.
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    There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe that which is true.


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      Lechmere doesn't seem anywhere near mental enough to have been this killer.