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  • Originally posted by FISHY1118 View Post

    Well said Sunny ,now can you do the same for Druitt ? Esp this bit .

    ''There is not one shred of evidence to link him to any other murders and the whole thing has become a hobby horse that is so convoluted and ultimately disrespectful it is hard to take seriously''
    Absolutely. I actually feel similar about almost all named suspects. I have no suspects- for me I go on the clues left which were not much. I go by the apron find showing the culprit fleeing back in to Whitechapel signifying a person living in the locality. Added to that the Jewish slur shouted at Schwartz shows him to most likely be a local person not a foreigner. After that I believe Hutchinson and feel AK man to be the best bet as the Ripper. After that there really isn't much.