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    Originally posted by Fiver View Post

    It was already given to you.

    From a report of Inspector Helson dated 7th September 1888:

    "...a man named Jack Pizer, alias Leather Apron, has, for some considerable period been in the habit of ill-using prostitutes in this, and other parts of the Metropolis"...

    The detectives searched with unusual diligence, but could find positively nothing against him. And this is not surprising considering that he is not "Leather Apron," at least not "Leather Apron" who has been the terror and blackmailer of the women of Whitechapel.

    (The Star, 12 September 1888)

    The man Pizer, who was arrested on suspicion of being connected with the murder of Annie Chapman in Hanbury-street, and who gave a satisfactory account of himself, complained to Mr. Lushington that, since he was released from custody, he had been subjected to great annoyance.

    Only that morning a woman accosted him in the street, and after calling him "Old Leather Apron" and other insulting expressions, struck him three blows in the face.

    Mr. Lushington told Pizer he could have a summons against the person who had assaulted him.

    (Manchester Evening News, 5 October 1888)

    It seems Pizer was assaulted by a gentile woman.

    It also seems that in spite of all the accusations made against him, he was never charged with extortion or assault of any of his accusers.

    That doesn't look like proof.