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  • Schwartz's non-appearance at the inquest would seem to be somewhat of a moot point as neither the B.S. man or any other suspect was in custody as Stride's alleged killer.



    • Originally posted by c.d. View Post
      ...neither the B.S. man or any other suspect was in custody as Stride's alleged killer.
      We don't know the names of all of the men in custody as Stride's alleged killer, or any of the other victims of that matter.

      Back to Kosminski: I had some notes that Woolf Kosminski was born in Kolo, Poland, as was Daniel Kosminski. There weren't that many Kosminskis in Kolo, so the possibility remains that Daniel and Woolf may have been related.


      • Scott. Here's a brain teaser for you; maybe you've seen it.
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        • Now for the punch-line. It is dated February 14, 1890. A year too early for Aaron Kosminski, and a year too late for David Cohen.

          (Birmingham News, UK)


          • I wonder if it could relate to one of a few men who were admitted to asylums from infirmaries in the East End in 89? The news report isn't specific with the exact date prior to 1890.

            Here are a couple of men whose asylum notes mention Jack the Ripper.

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            I am not DJA. He's called Dave.


            • Hi RJ,

              And a year too late for Melville Macnaghten.


              Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.


              • Quoted By Abby Normal "I also have serious doubts that someone with a mental disorder could pull off what the ripper did, let alone ruse the victims into thinking he was a normal harmless punter".

                Agreed Abby. JTR is considered Psychotic- the BBC failed to look a bit more into Aaron Kosminski's mental state at the time of the murders. If Kos was either harmless or on the far end of deteriorating, then I can't see him being the murderer as he's got no murderous thoughts, or he's that confused he would have undoubtedly been caught as he could be noisy at times and probably would have been quite vocal during the killings. And as we know, the killings when taking place were quiet affairs in terms of no sounds made from Killer or Victim. (unless you count MJK's cry of "Oh Murder".)


                • Hi everyone, my name is Stephen and i am new here, i have watched any documentary i can on the subject of JTR and i have read a lot online since around 8 years ago but the next step is to read a book and i,m hoping to get down to London at some point for a tour also:-)

                  Anyways i watched the re-run of the bbc documentary and i was surprised to see prof David Wilson point the finger at Aaron Kosminski, i have watched a few programs with David Wilson on various murderers and it seems to me that this guy does know his stuff when it comes to profiling murderers. Does anyone think this assumption might have been based on the dna evidence that was found connecting a descendant of Kosminski?

                  In any case it seems an odd assumption because if what i read is correct then Kosminski was said to have suffered mental health issues since 1885 and was eating very little food and from the floor, he was also not bathing so i think grooming would be an issue too, i would also imagine his clothes would have been stuck to him for months.

                  I dont know if all the hygiene issues were reported once in asylums which were later than 1888 but i really cant see him being well dressed even in 1888 like some witnesses report if it was the ripper ofcourse.

                  I defo buy into the idea the ripper may have changed their clothes between the double murder as hinted at in the documentary, however i cant see Kosminski being responsible of the double murder of Stride and Eddowes for various reasons.

                  1: It would not appear Kosminski had the gumption to change his clothes between the murders.
                  2: if he had hygeine issues at the time then that is another reason he wouldn,t be re-dressing.
                  3: He would have been acting or looking odd/ pale/ skinny and unclean and i would have thought even back then stuck out like a sore thumb.

                  The shawl aswell that was not mentioned in the documentary seems to be odd aswell, i,m not an expert but i thought a 100% DNA match which is reported was only possible if it is from the actual subject which is obviously not the case because the match they say is from a descendant.

                  Another thing regarding the shawl, is it not possible if it was Aaron,s dna that was left on the shawl,, for various reasons was left there months or even years before?, its also possible the shawl changed hands between prostitutes or anyone for that matter, i,m just not buying into the shawl thing at all, probably because it was so long ago to prove anything.

                  Anyway thats my rant over, please be gentle as it is my first post.

                  Cheers all


                  • Hello Meerkat, and welcome. Good first post.

                    I agree with your reasoning about Kosminski's arguably not changing his clothes between the Stride and Eddowes murders, however I question the idea that the Ripper (whoever he was) changed his clothing that night at all. Why would he? It's not as if he needed to don a "disguise", there wouldn't have been much blood spilt at the scene of Stride's murder, and one has to wonder how many working class people in that area had the luxury of owning a change of clothes in the first place. Even if they did, there was precious little time between the murders for the killer to (a) get away from Berner Street to his base; (b) get changed; and (c) go scouring the neighbourhood for another woman under circumstances suitable to "seduce" and kill her. A change of clothes was thus not only unnecessary, but impractical.

                    Prof Wilson's using the "change of clothes" idea to excuse the differences between the suspects seen by Schwartz and Lawende (et al) struck me as desperate shoe-horning, and I mentally switched off the documentary at the point this suggestion was made.

                    Incidentally, I'm glad if the documentary didn't mention the shawl, because it's a very dubious artefact in its own right, and the DNA evidence connecting it to Kosminski (and Eddowes) is hugely controversial.
                    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

                    "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)