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    Though I think the murderer is unlikely to be a Jill and more likely a Jack, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on this suspect who is virtually not mentioned at all, mainly for the reason that there has yet to be proof put forward that she even existed. But what were the reasons behind Edwin Woodhall's assumptions? Where did he get this theory from? As is said, there is no smoke without fire.
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    Uncle Jack,

    As is said, there is no smoke without fire.

    In this case the opposite most certainly is true. Why waste time on Olga when even the American newspaper article that formed the basis of Woodhall's claim has yet to be discovered? Maybe, if that happens, we can start to see if the two elderly Russian ladies to whom Olga told her tale ever excisted. And if they did, maybe we can see if Olga also ever existed. But until then no point discussing her.

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      One of the things that interests me about Woodhall is that he was the only one who decided to produce a work of some significance for the half century anniversary in any media. A few newspaper articles was about it otherwise. Of course, his tale was likely a fabrication but we will probably never be able to say absolutely for sure. There would have been quite a few still alive who remembered the case so I wonder if many criticized his account and, if not, why not? It would be interesting to read the whole book no matter what.
      This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

      Stan Reid