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    Originally posted by Fleetwood Mac View Post

    At its core, you're suggesting that the information was filtered in a manner that meant George did not feel the reported cries of murder and other bits were important, or that such information did not reach George.
    I wouldn't say it was filtered at all, it's only us today who regard her murder as a early morning event (between 2-3 am) and we think everyone knew that, which is why some accuse Hutch of avoiding coming forward.
    We are the ones who have it wrong, the reality is neither Hutch nor the general public believed she was killed so early. All the evidence told them she died after 9:00 am, except for the cry of murder at, some say 1:45, or after 2:00, or at 3:00 or after 4:00. There were so many versions, and at the end of the day many of them were found to be false, and some fabricated. Besides, it was a regular occurrence to hear someone cry 'murder' just to get attention.
    The belief held by the press & in consequence, the public was that this murder happened after 9:00 am.
    The police were not making any comments one way or the other.

    How exactly did the assorted busybodies gossiping in the streets, collectively conclude that Mary was murdered at nine in the morning or whatever and ensured that conclusion reached George?
    What does that even mean?, I've just demonstrated that this was the published opinion in the press.

    How and why did the minority of press reports that suggested a later TOD come to George's attention, whereas the majority of press reports which simply reported witness statements from throughout the night/morning did not reach George?
    Which 'throughout the night' reports are you talking about?

    Regards, Jon S.


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      Originally posted by Wickerman View Post

      I've just demonstrated that this was the published opinion in the press.
      You haven't, Jon. You've posted a series of excerpts from press reports, two of which reported a TOD at 9 in the morning or whatever (according to your paraphrasing).

      And, when you said: The Pall Mall Gazette lead with a subtitle - Murder committed after 9 AM, you were a touch economical with the truth.​

      The content of the article, immediately following the headline, stated this:

      If the following statement can be confirmed, it has a very important bearing upon the question, who is the murderer? because it fixed approximately the time at which the murder was committed. But so many stories have been invented for the sake of gain by the people who live in the locality since these murders became the sensation in the newspaper that it is difficult to ascertain whether they are accurate or otherwise.

      The journalist was talking of Caroline Maxwell's statement.

      The journalist wasn't claiming that Mary was murdered at 9 in the morning. The journalist was reporting Caroline Maxwell's statement and went on to say, in that article, that Caroline may well have been talking bollocks.

      In fact, this sentence, in the same newspaper, from the same day; suggests that The Pall Mall Gazette didn't believe Caroline Maxwell's statement:

      The two windows also faced the court, and, as the body could be seen from the court yesterday morning, it is evident that, unless the murderer perpetrated his crime with the light turned out, any person passing by could have witnessed the deed.

      It wouldn't have been dark at 9 in the morning.

      There is no way on this earth that George Hutchinson read the newspapers or listened to the busybodies in the street, and concluded that Mary was murdered at 9 in the morning and his information wasn't important. The newspapers didn't report that TOD for a start.

      You're barking up the wrong tree on this, Jon, and I cannot find one redeeming feature in your argument.