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    Good morning,

    I was wondering, aside from the vague description given by Miss Lewis, are there any detailed descriptions of the witness George Hutchinson? Anything we can reliably use to contrast and compare against other suspects and witness reports for instance? After all, if we are to believe (in some circles) that GH came forward because of what Lewis stated, then we should have an idea of what he looked like just to validate that.

    Thanks for the efforts,


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    Originally posted by Single-O-Seven View Post
    After all, if we are to believe (in some circles) that GH came forward because of what Lewis stated, .......
    We can believe modern theorists, or we can believe the words of the man himself.

    "Yesterday, a fellow lodger here advised me to go to police" (para).
    Regards, Jon S.


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      Thanks for the response.

      I find some of what Hutchinson had to say a little too good to be true. But his delay in going to the police has never been suspicious to me. As a private investigator, I know there are witnesses out there who need to be found and coaxed to speak. Some don't want to get involved, some think they have nothing to add. Some have something to say and don't even realize it until they can be made to speak. Still, for someone who needed some prodding to go to the police, he sure had a lot to say once he said it.

      With regard to his description, from what I can see is that he may have had a military look and was about 24 years of age, and if he's the man Lewis observed he was possibly "not tall" and stout. I'm not sure there's much more beyond that available.


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        With regard to his description, we only have the words of Sarah Lewis. This topic is rife with theories, and one of them does not believe the man seen by Lewis was Hutchinson. There is no proof, yet circumstantially it is a very reasonable assumption that it was.
        The age of 24 is a modern theory, his age was never expressed at the time.
        Sarah Lewis: "...not very tall, but stout, with a black wideawake hat, could not describe his clothes". (para)

        The "of military appearance" was stated in brief press articles, but not by the reporter who spoke to him.

        That's all we have.
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        Regards, Jon S.


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          Much appreciated. Thank you!


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            I could not hazard a guess as to what George Hutchinson might have looked liked, but someone who has said " I can't, I have spent all my money going down to Romford" must have been quite a physically hardy person. Romford to Whitechapel is a distance of 11.5 miles. GH walked that distance, supposedly, on a rainy and cold night. And after doing that he ".....stood there for about three quarters of an hour....."
            There is no description of him aside from that of Sarah Lewis. All I can add to that is GH was not bothered by sore feet.


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              It was a whole different world a century ago. The homeless, jobless, and lowest classes typically walked from city to city, it was the only choice they had.
              Emanuel Violenia (the rejected witness), along with his wife and kids walked from Manchester to London, Hutchinson's walk was like a stroll in the park compared to that.
              Regards, Jon S.


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                Kate had hoofed it back from Kent.
                Thems the Vagaries.....