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    Poor George, regardless of who he was, he was most likely to have been the most reliable witness in the whole case. and nobody believes him.
    Lets be honest, it is hardly likely that he was hanging around hoping to be allowed in Kelly's room, he never admitted to any association with her , apart from being a sucker for a sob story from a pretty girl.
    He was just curious and told the police just that, anyway he had no where else to go, he was just being close by ..just in-case, after all it was not the type of man normally seen in her company, even though he did not assume she was in any danger.
    Yes .. he took his time coming forward, which is understandable, but he did present himself, which must have took a great deal of courage, he was putting himself at the murder spot, at a relevant time , with no alibi, not only that, if he had seen the Ripper, and he was a witness to his identity, that may have scared the daylights out of him.
    I believe we have done Hutchinson an injustice over the years[ whoever he was] and instead of being negative, discuss what the implications of his sworn statement means..
    Regards Richard...Topping fan club


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      ``what can you tell me about this Jeckyl and Hyde geezer Mr King Willie, the monster that killed and gutted MJK, he looks like her pimp is he one of yours ?``

      ``No......them say when Mr Astrakhan man come callin', you cant see the eyes of the Demon, this be truly dread, him be close now, so you go Mr Abberline Policeman...... go now``
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        He who laughs last has just seen the joke.


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          Originally posted by richardnunweek View Post
          Yes .. he took his time coming forward, which is understandable
          Then you can't understand why Cadosh came forward in time, I presume.