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Hutch and the Hairdresser

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  • ChrisGeorge
    Hi Ruby

    Interesting information although I am not sure what you are aiming at in referencing Hutchinson, who as far as anyone knows was not a killer. He may have been a liar about what he saw that night but there is no proof that he killed MJK.


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  • Rubyretro
    started a topic Hutch and the Hairdresser

    Hutch and the Hairdresser

    I've tried to start a thread about the italian serial,killer Danilo Restivo before (to no takers !). He was on trial for several weeks this May, for the murder of British housewife, Heather Barnett.

    His nickname is 'The Hairdresser' because he had a fetish for following and cutting girl's hair without their permission. Indeed , his 'signature' was leaving clumps of women's hair at his crime scenes; But that's not what interests me the most in the first instant.

    -Restivo had killed at least one woman previously (an Italian called Elisa claps), using the same signature. He wasn't caught, moved away, and (as far as we know) let 9 years elapse before murdering again.

    -In the intervening years, during which he moved to Dorset, England, he contented himself with his 'hair fetish'. If you think that stalking women and cutting off clumps of their hair is a mutilation, then you could say that he mutilated unknown women in public places...keeping trophies.

    Heather Barnett was a neighbour of Restivo's, living opposite. She was an aquainted with him and probably let him into her house, whereupon one newspaper report says that
    as there was no sign of a struggle, she must have been subdued and overcome before she had time to fight back.

    The killer then dragged her body to the bathroom where:
    -he cut her throat down to the spine (although she had already been bludgeoned to death).
    -he pulled down her jeans and knickers but didn't sexually attack her
    -he placed her right arm over the exposed part of her lower body
    -he cut off her breasts and placed them under her head
    -he carefully arranged a clump of hair with the body.

    This killer wore gloves, and although the victim's young son described the bathroom as being awash with blood, Restivo didn't get blood on him (he was captured on cct
    cameras walking down the street, away from the crime scene). He did get blood on his trainers, but police found them soaking in bleach and so useless for testing for DNA.

    Surely the parallels with JTR can't be missed?

    So why am I dragging Hutch into this? (apart from trying to drum up some interest for this thread). Well, let's see what Restivo did next ....

    Restivo knew that his victim had two young children who would come from home from school and find their mother's body (he lived opposite her house). He chose to arrive at his home, with his longterm girlfriend (whom he had met on an internet chat site !), just at the same time as the kids. This mean't that when the children ran out of the house
    screaming, Restivo was on hand to comfort them and to be the first adult at the crime scene. He therefore guaranteed that he would be interviewed by the police as a witness.

    Was it damage limitation in case he had inadvertently left any DNA at the scene ? Did he just want to secretly gloat over the children's and ambulance men's reaction to the body ? Did he want to re-see the body and admire his handywork ? Did he want to see what clues the police might be looking for to pre-empt them ?

    At any rate, he was a good 'actor' who inserted himself into his own case. As far as he knew, at this point, the police were not going to link him to the murder (and he had already gotten away with another murder scott free).

    You can google Danilo Restivo and read all the details (tread a few pages) -and tell me what you think ?
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