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The signatures..a reason?

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    Hello David,

    I felt I had to on this ONE occasion, to explain MY reason for questioning the signature, incase of misunderstanding. However, Yes, I do see your reason and agree as to the direction of the thread.
    That said, bringing in other reasoning is very easy, and can deflect. I agree.

    best wishes

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      there are some possible reasons why some peoples writing may change - not just over time but during the writing itself. this comes down to dexterity of the person in question.

      indeed, i myself do this. my signature also often look different when signing multiple times, such as last month in the bank. sometimes whilst note taking i leave out, or add letters, and my handwriting seems to be done by different people. often times if i write more than a few pages, my writing goes from perfectly clear to almost indecipherable and i have to stop.

      reasons people do this are many, including anxiety/stress, fatigue, cold hands, being unaccustomed to writing, poor dexterity, poor motor skills, being used to heavy manual work, problems with carrying out repetitive movements, particularly strong hands/grip or simply bad handwriting.

      more commonly, the writer simply grips the pen too tightly, having large hands and a narrow pen, meaning they do not have as good dexterity than when gripping large or heavy items. this becomes particularly apparent when the writer writes fast. the net result looks as if someone has signed or written in an anxious state, and the result is more profound if someone has a jerky style of writing, rather than one which flows.

      it is certainly by no means a rare occurrence, and if the witness did know the victim and had found out shed been murdered and he was a valuable witness, it could no doubt add to any of the above factors.

      needless to say, without seeing the signatures i cannot make any real guesses as to whether the above is the case. and it goes without saying this has nothing to do with the 'science' of graphology it boils down to basic physiology. i do not believe that handwriting experts make anything more than informed guesses due to their own interpretation. scientific it most certainly is not, no matter how much a graphologist may claim otherwise.
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        Hi Joel,

        there's already a thread for this. It's ten thousands pages long, most of them stained with blood and spit.
        No traces of recent intercourse, though.