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Was Hutchinson in Kellys room

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  • Was Hutchinson in Kellys room

    Hi Folks,
    I would say the vast majority of you consider the statement of George Hutchinson as simply a lie, and many of you would suggest that he may have some involvement in this murder.
    Lets use a simply scenerio.
    Hutchinson did indeed trek back from Romford late on the 8th , and arrived in Commercial street when he stated, he did notice Mary approaching him , and she did ask him for money, they talked a while, and she said There is a dandy man further on, if he wants business can you watch out for me? I will replies George.
    The rest is what the statement entails, and the couple enter the court, whilst Hutch stands vigil opposite.
    After forty five minutes or so, the man described as Astracan leaves, and George enters the court and taps on kellys door.
    'Its me, says George, everything allright?
    Fine my luv, the fine gentleman has promised to take me to the Lord mayors show later today, come in and spend the rest of the night in here, its the least i can do for watching my back'
    Young George goes in the tiny room, and she hands him what could actually be a homemade mattress that is the item seen on the table in the photo, kip down,until your lodgings are opened.
    Kelly falls asleep so to our George bedded down on the floor, just like Harvey and other sleepovers before, and he awakens, and leaves the room, around 615 am , and upon leaving places the mattress on the bedside table.
    A man is said to have left the court at that time.
    Hutch then returns to the Victoria home, and thinks no more about it.
    However later that day he hears of a murder in millers court , and discovers it is Mary, and rumour has it that she was attacked around 4am, and whats more it a a Ripper murder.
    Put yourself in his shoes, he was in her room at the time she is expected to have been killed, he knows that is not the case, because she was alive and well at 6am, he also knows that he was loitering around opposite the court at 215 am, and was proberly seen.
    Question how does he get out of this?
    He cannot admit being in the room, at that hour.
    He has to have a reason for loitering opposite the court.
    He is well aware that the man that went with kelly, who he describes as 'Astracan' could not have killed her , at least before 6am, but could have returned later,for what did Mary Say he offered to take her to the'show'
    But he could not say that , because how would he know that information, unless he saw kelly later.?
    He is well and truely in a mess, but decides to put the man he saw in the frame , and him out of it, because he has suspicions that he must have been the killer, but at a later date, but cannot reveal to the police that information.
    That would explain the 'Lying lies of George'.
    The possibility of a later murder is another thread.
    Regards Richard.

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    Hi Richard. Do we not have statements that claim Kelly mentions earlier that she was seeing someone that had promised to take her to the Lord Mayors Show ?

    I appreciate thats picky and i like your train-of thought...
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      There is a dandy man further on, if he wants business can you watch out for me?
      Just to stop you there, Rich, how would Hutchinson have been "watching out" for Kelly? By installing himself opposite the court, on the other side of the street, he was rendering himself utterly useless as an emergency measure if and when the Astrakhan man chose to reveal himself to Kelly as a dangerous character. So he wasn't really watching out for her at all. He couldn't have been.

      Thes rest of your theory I cannot, with respect, embrace, as I have no doubt whatsoever that Kelly died at around 3:45am, when Mmes Lewis and Prater reported a cry of "murder".

      Best regards,


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        Hi Ben,
        My post was not a theory, it was designed to give a purely fictional account and an explanation why Hutch was forced to bend the truth involving events of that morning.
        To answer your point about not being able to 'Watch over her' with respect all that means is being in earshot, no minder /pimp could actual stand with his girl whilst the sexual act was being carried out, Hutch could hardly come in her room and watch, also was it not mentioned in reports that Gh actually ventured up the court?
        We obviously dont agree on the T.O.D, I have many times given an explanation for the cry heard, and therefore I find it extremely difficult to dismiss Maxwells alleged sighting.
        The fictional account would explain why Hutch was living in fear, he saw the man, but she was alive after he had left, and George was in the room with Mary when the doctors believed she was killed, and very much alive.
        He still however believed that the man he saw with Kelly was her eventual killer, especially as it was believed in the area that the murder was committed in daylight, and reported a slightly different version to the police in a valid attempt to assist the police in apprehending this person.
        Its that simple, GH was as honest as he could be without being charged as her killer, for admitting he was in her room at the time of death, would have involved just that.
        Regards Richard.


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          Hello Swagman.
          It was reported in the press that Mary wanted to attend the Lord Mayors show, but not that she had someone to escort her.
          It was just her desire to go.
          Regards Richard.


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            Hi Richard,

            To answer your point about not being able to 'Watch over her' with respect all that means is being in earshot, no minder /pimp could actual stand with his girl whilst the sexual act was being carried out
            That's true, but he could install himself at a vantage point that could at least prove useful as an actual preventative measure against her injury or death, especially when it became widely accapted that a serial killer was on the prowl in that very district. Hutchinson's behaviour is simply not consistent with this, and nor is leaving the scene at 3.00am with the assumption that a silent, darkened room meant all was alright within.

            Best regards,