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    I had an idea and thought Id run it up the flagpole here to see if anyone has had similar thoughts. What if BSM is a pimp? She wasnt working that night...he manhandles her to intimidate her and maybe dispatches her since she hadnt earned anything that night. Too dramatic?

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    I have trouble with the idea of Liz or other streetwalkers in Whitechapel having pimps. Since apparently sex was so cheap having to share proceeds would mean both parties would starve to death.

    Killing her would eliminate her as a source of income for him so not really a good idea if it was intentional. Better to slap her around and teach her a lesson.

    But I can see someone like a Leather Apron extorting money from streetwalkers but I would differentiate that from being a pimp.



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      I suppose extortion would be more probable cd, and we do know that some gangs did "shake down" street women. That may have been what happened with Emma back in April of that year. I just thought that if Liz had ever been "managed" by some thug and when he sees how she was dressed that night he might have assumed she had money, or had withheld money. That would get her killed...and that does happen in todays world.

      And in todays world the woman being used turns over all her earnings and the "pimp" provides her with a place to live and some food money, but also drugs or booze ...whichever is the poison the woman cant control her use of, and what has led to her being in the position she is in in the first place. Keeps them "hooked" in more than just one way.

      it was just an idea, thanks for the input.
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