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Winston Churchill's father- possible Ripper?

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    Originally posted by kelly_scott91 View Post
    I read from a book that Prime Minister Winston Churchill's father Lord Churchill could in fact have been the Ripper himself. His physical appearances matched that of the last man seen with Mary Jane Scott, and many politicians at that time (late 1800s) seemed to be popular customers with the prostitutes.

    What do you think? If his father was in fact the ripper, do you think that Winston's reputation as one of the greatest Britons ever would be at stake?

    There were at leat two men possibly the last to be seen with Mary Jane Kelly. One was blotchy face and the other the refined 'toff' seen by Hutchinson. Which one do you think resembled Randolph Churchill? Do you think this rumour started because Randolph Churchill is strongly reputed to have had syphilis?

    Much the same was said of many men of his class and habits. Numerous well-heeled, well-spoken and well-known men of that time who came within three miles of the east end at that time have had the finger pointed at them.


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      Churchill-jerome Documentary

      Hi, here's a good documentary on Jennie Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill...there's quite a bit in this video about her husband Randolph, including his long & painful death from syphilis.

      (Just for anyone still wondering, he wasn't Jack the Ripper, and Winston Churchill, Savior of Democracy, wasn't Jack's son.)

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      Regards, Archaic